Jun 17 2008

Tackle it Tuesday: Closet organization


After many months of our bedroom closet desperately needing organized, we finally buckled down and tackled it this weekend. It wasn’t so bad! Well, the mess was really bad, but it wasn’t so bad to organize. 

(By the way, I have before and after pictures, but for some reason, I’m having trouble uploading them.)

I started by taking everything out of the closet and arranging it in neat piles on our bed. I sorted clothes by type. If it was a cool-weather item, it went in my storage bin. If it was too small or too young for me to wear anymore, it went in the “donate” pile.

We did the same thing with Shane’s clothes.

Awhile back, I bought a closet doubler thing on Amazon.com (got it free thanks to gift certificates, yay!). It didn’t work on Shane’s side because his shirts dragged on top of the rod. But, my shirts are shorter, so we put the doubler on my side. My shirts that need hanging went on top, and Shane’s dress pants went below.

I put the t-shirts I couldn’t bear to part with in a crate, and set that on my top shelf so they wouldn’t slide into other stacks of clothes. This crate also serves as a divider for the clothes on either side.

We went to Target and bought an extra storage bin for Shane’s winter clothes, and I also bought some cedar closet things. The total was about $8, and I paid for it with a Target gift card I earned on Ebates.

The project took about two hours. It cost $0 out of pocket! What’s even better, we finally have a semi-functional closet and we’ve gotten rid of clothes we no longer need. In the future, I hope that we’ll be able to get a larger closet, but for now, this will do the trick.

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6 Responses to “Tackle it Tuesday: Closet organization”

  1. Congratulations on the tackle! These tackles make our lives so much more enjoyable. I hope you’ll drop by to check out what I’m working on.


    Thrifty Karen’s last blog post..EBay Motor Sellers Beware!

  2. Way to tackle and the price was awesome!

    Karen’s last blog post..A Toy for the Ages

  3. Great tackle! I’m sure it feels good to have that done. :) And you have to love getting things done and organized without spending extra money!

    Muthering Heights’s last blog post..Try It Out Tuesday – Heartwood USA

  4. I love cleaning out closets. I helped my boyfriend clean out his closet when I moved in… some of his clothes were in such bad shape that I didn’t feel comfortable giving them away. I can still hear him now, “You mean I have clothes poor people wouldn’t wear?” Glad the whole process worked well for you too!

  5. Well, you certainly can’t beat the price! I’d love to see pictures if you can get them to work.

    We finally got our double poled IKEA wardrobe up in our storage room/3rd bedroom in the last week or two and my hubby moved a bunch of his clothes out of our closet into there.

    At least now the wooden rod in our closet isn’t in danger of breaking, but I thought all of his clothes would fit in the wardrobe and I still see at least 17 shirts hanging here!

    Shevy’s last blog post..Book Review: Stop Working, Here’s How You Can! Part 3

  6. Awesome, good job at finishing that. I need to do the same but with my entire house, it’s a mess haha.

    Medical Oddities’s last blog post..Liberty Medical Supplies

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