Jun 15 2008

Starting to stock up on supplies


I’m going to start spending an extra $10-15 (not counting free-after-rebate items) per week to stock up on toiletries, diapers and non-perishables to use for the first six months or so after my baby is born.

I figure if we can gradually accumulate a decent supply, it’ll have a smaller impact on our budget, I’ll be able to take advantage of good deals, and we won’t even have to think about running to the store to pick up toilet paper or toothpaste with a newborn.

I know in some posts, I’ve mentioned that I don’t want to be an ultra-hoarder with a massive supply of stuff. I still don’t want to fall off the deep end, but I do think it’s practical to have a decent-sized stash of goods ready to go.

I made a list of things I want to stock up on, and estimated how many of each item we’ll need to have a six-month supply. I’ve taken a quick inventory of what I already have, and what I need more of.

CVS and Walgreens deals this week didn’t excite me, so I just went to Rite Aid. I didn’t do anything complicated there–I just got some of the free-after-rebate items that I knew we would use.

I got:

Herbal Essences “Long Term Relationship” conditioner (shampoo also on sale) $2.99 out of pocket, free after rebate.

Organix conditioner (shampoo also qualifies) $5.49, free after rebate. Note: This rebate is good only June 15-17.

Secret Flawless deodorant $3.99. Had $1 off coupon. Rebate is $2, so it will cost $1 total.

Diaper Mate disposable bags $2.49, free after rebate. Probably not a necessary purchase, but whatever.

Purex laundry detergent, buy one, get one free. I wish I had coupons for these! I got a 44-load powder detergent for $5.99, and the second one was free. At 88 loads, it’s about $0.06 per load.

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  1. As far as diapers are concerned, I recommend Pampers Swaddlers. They’re a little expensive compared to the low end Pampers and others, but I had the best results with them. Huggies were good when my girl started getting older, but when she was a newborn I experienced, to put this lightly, “leg leakage” during poops. You can get them in bulk at some Sam’s Clubs and at Babies R Us/Toys R Us; just check the unit price to see if it’s a real deal. I hope this helps!

    Lindsay’s last blog post..Happy Father’s Day!

  2. I would focus on size 3 diapers after getting a couple size 1 and 2. Most children don’t stay in the first two sizes very long and most stores won’t let you exchange one size for another. My first never fit in newborn size at all but my second went through 1 bag of newborns. So I wouldn’t buy any of the Newborn size, especially since they tend to have fewer diapers per package than size 1s.

  3. Thanks for the diaper advice! I’m sort of hesitant to stock up on any diapers at this point. I don’t know if I’ll be getting a baby shower, but if I do, diapers seem to be a popular gift item.

    I don’t want diapers to go to waste by getting the wrong size or a kind that doesn’t work for us.

    But at the same time, I don’t want to pay too much or have to make a ton of late-night trips to the store!

  4. I was just reading about the detergent you bought and was wondering something. Do you only do 44 loads with a 44-load box? We’ve been buying Dreft because the regular stuff gives Suzi a rash, but ever since I figured out that a third (or even a quarter) of the recommended amount gets the clothes just as clean, one box lasts a long time! (Which is good because we wash cloth diapers in addition to our clothes.)

  5. Hey Jenny,

    I’m actually not sure how many loads I get out of a container of detergent. I feel like I get more than the recommended amount, but the next time I open a new container (looks like it will be soon) I’m going to keep track.

    Cuz why not? :)

    I think for people with soft water, they can definitely use less detergent. Our water doesn’t have a softener.

  6. With both of our babies we have used Arm & Hamer perfum and dye free and it’s work really nice. I believe All has the same type. Dreft was always too expensive for us.

    The thing bout diapers is that they sure are bulky, in that it seems you have a ton of them. But each one of those jumbo packs only lasts you an average of five days. So you could be looking at more than 70 packs in a year!! Just something to think about.

  7. I think they are in 2’s for a while, but I would agree that 3’s are good, but you won’t use those for a while unless you have a really big baby! Anyway, have you thought about cloth diapers? I didn’t know if you checked into them or not, but they have come a long way.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday, Week of June 15th

  8. I was excited about the Organix conditioner too… stuff that’s free to me, even if there’s a little rebate hassle is wonderful!

  9. I would be really excited to try cloth diapers, but there’s just one problem: We don’t have a washer or dryer in our apartment.

    We have a coin-op machine in our basement, but I’m concerned that it might be too expensive or too much of a hassle to be worth it.

    I haven’t totally decided either way on what we’ll do.

  10. Your plan sounds exactly like what I am trying to do. I am expecting in August and my OB is in a town an hour away which is the only time I’m around a CVS or Walgreens. I’m trying to make the most out of these last few weeks of dr. visits so I can have our closet full of toothpaste, tp, shampoo, and those types of things. I have decided that once the youngest is here I will only venture out to the store once or twice a month so if we were to run out of tp or toothpaste everyone would be out of luck, ;)

  11. More on diapers

    If you are interested in cloth diapers, see if there’s a diaper service in your area. My friends did this in Lansing and LOVED it. The price was still a bit cheaper than disposables. And they didn’t have to wash any of them at all.

    I agree with those who rec’d against stocking up on diapers. the other problems you can find are: *they all fit differently * some are scented (my MIL bought some for us when we were running out on a visit out there. she didn’t buy what we told her to get and the smell was so horrible of “baby powder” that we donated them all away as I couldn’t stand to change the baby.) * You have utterly no idea what size they’ll need. My daughter stayed in the second size for more than a year! (and spent most of a year in the first size.) But she needs bigger ones at night as she pees a lot then LOL. She’ll never wear size 4s. On the other hand, a preemie friend of ours is barely 2.5 months old and has outgrown size 1s (he’s growing fast and well now!) BTW, we used Target brand ones first, then switched to 7th generation as a compromise–DH wouldn’t use cloth and I wanted a green alternative!

  12. Oh yes, that could be a problem. Depending on how many you get you would probably at least be doing one load every other day. I haven’t used those machines since college so I have no idea how much one load costs. I’m sure you have put it somewhere on your blog. I use disposables at night but cloth during the day. Maybe you could do something like that if you figure up how much it would cost to wash. We don’t have a diaper service in our area, but that would be great if we did. I use mostly the All-In-Ones because I love how convenient they are. Let me know what you decide!

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday, Week of June 15th

  13. Just some stock up advice–don’t go overboard on baby creams, shampoos, diaper rash stuff etc. You never know if your baby will have an issue with them—if you do stock up, be sure you are getting them for free.

    This happened to me–I have 4 boys, but my last son shocked me with having severe excema issues. None of my other children have excema and neither do I or my husband. With his condition he can have no dyes or perfumes on his bath shampoos/lotions. Even the Johnson stuff has dyes/perfumes in them despite saying hypoallergenic. We now use Aveno which is pricy.

    However, my stock up has not gone to total waste. I have put them in bundled up bags as gifts for other expectant moms!

    So get your deals, just don’t go overboard or pay too much if anything OOP!

    Donna(mom24boyz)’s last blog post..Too much of a Good Thing? Nahhhh Part 1

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