Jun 11 2008

Link round-up + little thoughts


Not long ago, I was notified that Comcast was canceling my OnDemand service, since they’re changing their cable packages and I have the cheapie one. I was really bummed, since I enjoyed that service. It was gone for, oh, a day. Then, Shane hit the “OnDemand” button on our remote, and it was back! I have no idea why, but I’m not complaining!

We had our first heat wave of the summer (and I suspect most of you did, too!). It got hot, but it really wasn’t as bad as I expected. For whatever reason, it doesn’t get ultra muggy in Pittsburgh. I’ve been to places where the air is so thick, it’s like you have to chew just to breathe. We’ve also been fortunate to avoid the severe flooding that’s happening in the Midwest (thoughts and prayers with you folks!).

We had our AC on for five days straight, and that used an additional 10-12 kwh per day during that time. I don’t run outside and check the meter every day (but I so totally would). Instead, our electric company’s web site has a neat feature that allows me to see each day’s electric use. This heat wave ought to raise our bill a little bit, but it shouldn’t be out of control.

Finally, for this week’s grocery shopping trip, I’m probably going to blow my usual food budget out of the water. I’ve just had too many food cravings lately, and nothing in my pantry has been able to satisfy them. Typically, I’ll want something obscure at like, 10 p.m. Not so convenient. I crave things that I’m simply not allowed to have, things I don’t have, things that take forever to prepare, or things that exist at a particular restaurant 400 miles from here. Arg. So, I’m going to buy a wider variety of ingredients this week, in the hopes that when I require something salty or beefy or cheesy or savory, I can whip up something that will satisfy me.

Ok, enough of that! On to the link round-up.

BeCentsAble has a great post about how they spend more than $40/week at the grocery–and that’s A-OK. While $35-40/week or less seems to be the gold standard for some bloggers, it’s not realistic for everyone. Prices are going up, after all. It’s never good to compare ourselves to one another, and certainly never over something as petty as a grocery budget.

There’s a lot of wisdom in this post at Remodeling This Life. She writes about what “living well” means to her. Ten years ago, her family was earning twice as much money as they are now. But all they had to do to maintain that lifestyle definitely wasn’t worth it. Money ain’t everything!

GLBL Guy answers reader questions, and offers quite a bit of insight on a variety of topics. I asked him what financial lessons his children have taught him. It got him thinkin’!

Meredith has a post at Frugal Hacks about how to lay out a great breakfast spread without spending a fortune.

CNN.com has a story about how being stressed about debt can make you physically sick. Yikes. As if being sick weren’t bad enough, that means more medical expenses and lost wages–just digging yourself even further. When Shane and I were deepest in our debt, I didn’t feel ill, but I was really worried about how we’d ever manage to get out of that mess.

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3 Responses to “Link round-up + little thoughts”

  1. Isn’t it the most horrible feeling when you have a pregnant craving for something you can’t have? For me it was like feeling trapped.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Kacie! Stay cool and good luck taming the cravings!!

    Emily’s last blog post..Traveling With Small Children

  3. Ooooohhh…New sites to go read. So much discipline to be learned. I used a couple of your lessons from your birthday last weekend. Thanks!!

    Grandy’s last blog post..Poison Plant

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