Jun 10 2008

Thank you!


Thank you, everyone, for your kind birthday comments! Each one made me smile. It really meant a lot to me! I was feeling a bit down yesterday, being so far from friends and family, and reading your comments perked me right up.

I received a little bit of money as a birthday present, and I’m trying to decide how to use it. One option is to buy maternity clothing once I need some. Another is to go get a passport. I have no plans to leave the country any time soon, but I definitely want to go on another cruise someday in the near future, and I’ll need one! Since they’re valid for 10 years, I figure maybe I should just go ahead and get one now.

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6 Responses to “Thank you!”

  1. I’d go with the passport. You can probably get cool maternity clothes from friends and family. Easy for me to say, I’ve never been pregnant but that’s what friends of mine have done…

  2. i vote for passport! they are priceless. what if a random once in a life time opportunity comes up and you don’t have one and can’t get one in time? yeah.. i know, small chance.. but it could happen :)

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  3. If you wouldn’t travel (especially somewhere where a passport would be necessary), I’d hold off on getting a passport and opt for a few maternity outfits, hopefully attire that will grow with you.

  4. PASSPORT!!!!!

    I am a frequently traveler (more than 16 countries) and if a great deal comes along, I wont have to pass it up waiting for my passport. I am signed up for a travel newsletter that sends out terrific deals but they usually have to be booked (not taken) within a couple of weeks. (This newsletter is how I went to Thailand for two weeks for only $1200 including airfare, hotel, english-speaking guide, entrance fees, and most meals!)

  5. I am actually going to say none of the above because this money was a present, so you don’t need to be practical with it. but if you feel you must I would go with the maternity clothes. I don’t need to tell you that you can stretch it a ton by hitting the thrift shop, garage sale or a good clearance.

  6. If it makes you feel any better, that’s how I felt on my birthday last year. Since my birthday is the day after Christmas, I’ve been spoiled by pretty much always getting my way (so far, I’ve never had school or work on or around my birthday). Last year, my brother got married in Florida on Dec. 15th, which we had to take vacation days for. Because of that, Paul’s boss made him work on Christmas Day!!!! I was so mad that I couldn’t be with my family, and that I was all by myself on Christmas Day, and that we had to stay local for my birthday since Paul had to work all that week. Okay see, it’s been 6 months but I’m still mad about it!! :-)

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