Jun 06 2008

When it’s 90+ and your AC doesn’t work


Lovely. My favorite thing ever is to find out that my AC doesn’t work…right as we’re smacked in the face with 90+ temps with high humidity.

I turned our AC on yesterday once it hit 80 degrees inside. Our temp went from 80 to 82. Not a good sign. I turned it off last night and we were able to get a cool breeze coming into our bedroom (put a box fan facing out in the living room window, shut all other windows in the apartment except for the one in our bedroom. It acts as an exhaust).

This morning, I’ve shut all our blinds and hung a blanket over the window in the bedroom. The AC is running full tilt, but it’s not getting any cooler.

I called our apartment people, but their office doesn’t open for another hour or so. I really hope they can come fix it today!

In the meantime, if it gets any warmer in here…I’m packing up and camping out at the library today :) It’ll be much easier to get some work done if I’m not sweating like a maniac.

Cuz really, that’s all you can do when it’s 96 and your AC doesn’t work: Jump in a pool or mooch off of someone else’s AC.

Update: I feel really stupid. Our AC wasn’t working because the circuit breaker for it wasn’t on. Awhile back, when our hot water tank exploded, I shut off all circuit breakers for things pertaining to the half bathroom. They all got flipped on, except for the AC, apparently.

The maintenance guy told me that the AC has something to do with our furnace, and if that switch was on, we could have had a cheaper electric bill. D’Oh! Oh well–$89 at its worst isn’t so bad.

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5 Responses to “When it’s 90+ and your AC doesn’t work”

  1. Is any air blowing out of your vents? Is it warm? If the air is blowing but it’s barely blowing or it’s warm air you might need more freon.
    I hope they come soon. It’s supposed to hit 99 today and 100 both days this weekend. fun….

    Erin’s last blog post..Help the Frugal Failure (Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top?)

  2. I sympathize. I once spent a summer living on a friend’s couch (in Florida) and the A/C didn’t work. If I didn’t have to be at school that day, the nearest place was a Walmart. I think I memorized every item in the place. It was either that or soak in the tub in cold water.

  3. I’m glad that all got sorted out! We don’t have AC here, and apparently most people live that way, with the windows wide open, because we get a good breeze most of the time. But when the wind dies down and it’s the middle of summer, sometimes I just lie on top of the covers at night sweating. Yuck. Reminds me of dorm life!

    Bethany B-A’s last blog post..Upgrade

  4. Whoops. I completely understand overlooking something like that, it wouldn’t even occur to me. Sometimes I forget to plug things in too (though so far I’ve always caught that before it got the point of calling someone).

    Libraries are good as a haven. I’m a big fan. ;)

  5. FWIW if the ac’s broken and it gets over a certain temp indoors, down here (SE VA, currently at 100’F) it counts as a maintenance emergency.


    So nice not to wait for the office to reopen, when you’re melting!

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