Jun 05 2008

A few thoughts


1. I went to Aldi today during the my usual time on my usual day. I was amazed at how many more people were there today! I don’t know if it was a fluke or if more people around here are discovering Aldi and trying to save a buck.

Are you seeing more people at discount retailers lately?

2. It’s warm enough out for me to want to turn on the AC. Boo. The heat index is 88 and it’s actually a tad humid. Typically, Pittsburgh doesn’t get that warm, and it’s rarely humid. Plus, it’s usually overcast here, which seems to keep things cool. As a matter of fact, on average, there are only 53 really clear days per year here! Like 203 mostly cloudy, and the rest are partly cloudy days.

This weekend is supposed to be in the 90s and I’m hoping to go swimming. After that, I hope it cools down so I can open my windows again.

Have you turned your AC on yet? What temperature must it reach before you do?

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21 Responses to “A few thoughts”

  1. Oh gosh we re-installed the AC a month ago. The first real sunny day we turn it on. Not for us but for the dogs. It doesn’t take much to make them too warm…especially the puppy (2 years…still a puppy) wooley Malamute. =)

    castocreations’s last blog post..Quinn Goes to the Vet – and a Survey

  2. I don’t have AC. I use blackout curtains to keep the heat down, and open a window. The curtains work great on a SW exposure.

    Solomon’s last blog post..Things I’m Grateful For on Thursday 5 June

  3. Our AC has been on since about March, but that’s not anything unusual in south Louisiana.

    Sarah F.’s last blog post..So, what’s on tap?

  4. We turned it on about 15 minutes ago for the first time this summer. It was less a specific temperature and more a state of being completely covered in sweat. Again. Eventually it got to be enough. But since we have a window one it’s not a big commitment to turn it on and off. We’ll probably turn it off in an hour or so.

  5. Our AC has been on for weeks now. In SC it gets hot and humid…today it’s 95*. Saturday it’s going to be 97* with a 105* heat index.

    I do believe more people are shopping discounts stores but another reason you might hove seen more people is because of school being out.

  6. Turn it on? In Florida I rarely turn it off. But now with the bank sign saying the temp today was 103* it is running day and night which equals much higher bills. :(

    I have also seen more people shopping for bargains and many people where I work are asking for help in shopping the deals at CVS. It’s the economy for sure here in Florida!

    I hope your hot weekend goes quickly and your temps are back to normal soon!

    Thrifty Florida Mama’s last blog post..Vittles for the Week

  7. We turned the AC on a few days ago. Temps got in the high 80’s (and now into the 90’s) plus humidity. The bad part is, first week of June & it’s nearly hitting 100′ and we don’t usually see much of that till August.

    I am *not* looking forward to a melting summer. This year I am much better about keeping blinds & curtains closed to keep out the sun, and we open the house up for fresh air (cool, we hope!) every chance we get.

  8. Sadly we turned it on about two weeks ago to stay. I could have held out longer, but my sis and fiance insisted. We’re also and Florida and it is HOT! Two against one I suppose. I just hate wasting electricity and money, but it does feel nice :). I try to keep it set as high as possible..

    A better side to living in Florida: Publix. Read more about that here: http://onlyonsale.blogspot.com/2008/06/its-official-i-love-publix.html

    amanda’s last blog post..It’s Official, I LOVE Publix :)

  9. I’ve got a post going up about this on Saturday. We must be experiencing the same heat wave as you. Where I live in PA, we are going to hit 97 degrees and have a major heat wave. It seems to early in June for all this!

    Keep cool.


    S.B.’s last blog post..Do You Have An Extra Freezer?

  10. Yes it is on now…we turned it on last Saturday for the first time. It gets pretty warm in Central OH in the summer…and very humid which I despise.

    I am trying to cut back on our A/C usage, so I try my best to keep it from running during the day (within reason) by running fans and shutting blinds/curtains depending on where the sun is. I keep the temp. at 76 during the day. At night, I lower it to around 74. Talk to me during the next week though when temps are supposed to get up in the 90s…not sure what I am going to do.

    We used to keep it around 71 all of the time back in the day. Now I think I would freeze! :-)

    Marcy’s last blog post..Giant Eagle Deals – 6/5-6/11

  11. We live in IN and it is so hot here today. Our A/C is broken and our appointment is tomorrow. Finally! I am so looking forward to having our air back. I was actually searching for tips on dealing without the A/C and came across your blog. Not having the AC has been harder on my daughter than me. She has special needs and I found her in bed with all the blankets over her. She was convinced the more blankets she had the cooler she wouuld be. It took me a while to convince her otherwise. Ugh. I can not wait till tomorrow. If it was not broken we would have had ours on a few weeks back.

    Marla’s last blog post..Homeschooling the Special Needs Child…Should it be Legal?

  12. We had a heat wave about 3 weeks ago and it was like 106*. We turned on the air, bought a quick set pool and then after the weekend (that we worked completely threw) it cooled down. We turned the air back on 2 nights ago, and had to drain the pool :(

    I hear we may be conserving water (madatorily) here in CA so I better get the pool clean and back up soon!

  13. OH yea!! Everyone at my work keeps asking about my couponing…and our CVS was out of adds and completely packed on Tuesday during my lunch hour. This is only the 3rd week of them being open :)

  14. We don’t really need a/c in our city home, a box fan or two is enough, even when the temp is in the upper 80’s. We also don’t have it in our rural home (box and other fans) but it does get a lot hotter there, maybe 88 in the morning and 98 or 100 by the afternoon. It’s dry heat though, so not like Florida and other places that have been mentioned. When we move there full time I suspect we’ll get a/c in some form.

    When I was growing up (about 20 minutes from our rural home) we got a/c when I was about 8 and I used to stand in the kitchen in front of the kitchen sink (it was in the kitchen window) and just enjoy the cool air!

    My first mother-in-law told me that when she was hot in California years ago and didn’t have a/c she used to take a chair, position it in front of the open fridge and sit there with her feet inside! LOL

    Shevy’s last blog post..My Best Financial Moves

  15. I’ve been cranking the AC in spurts during the last two weeks. It’s been in the upper 90’s with massive humidity the last few days and that makes it a no brainer.

    The humidity is killer and when that goes away, the AC goes off.

  16. Oh yes, the AC is on. Here in Savannah, it’s hotter than a furnace.

    Well, ok, maybe not *that* hot, but you get the point. High of 94 today with nearly 90% humidity and not many clouds to shield from the sun. Not sure how to save money on the air (we have the apartment set to 80 for the time being…)

    Sally Ann’s last blog post..southern hospitality, our first week in savannah

  17. Mine’s probably been on for about 2 weeks now. I would’ve held out about a week longer than I did, but it’s about impossible to get a good breeze going through my apartment and it was so stuffy I was having a hard time sleeping.

    Jenn’s last blog post..Dump Cake

  18. I too HAVE noticed lots more people shopping at Aldi. I even asked my cashier about it. He thinks the high gas prices are pushing people to find deals elsewhere!

  19. Unfortunately, we’ve been using our AC for almost a month now! For some reason our apartment is like a sauna as soon as it hits about 60 degrees outside. I have no idea why that is.

    Opening the windows doesn’t help AT ALL, even with our super strength fan. Having the windows open actually makes it worse if it’s higher than about 75 outside.

    It’s also supposed to break 90 this weekend (here in NY), so I have no idea how we’re going to survive!

  20. Our AC goes on as soon as we need it, regardless of temp. Feeling warm and humid just makes me feel sick.
    If it’s not humid I can stand to be a little warm as long as I’ve got fans going.

    JenMarie’s last blog post..FS69 Aloha

  21. I’ve definitely noticed more shopping in discount stores. If there’s a great deal in the CVS flyer on Sunday and I don’t get in there until, say, Thursday, I’ve been having to ask the manager to check in the back for those items because there aren’t any on the shelves. This was true last week especially. Also, no matter what time of day or day of the week, every Walmart in my area (there are 4 within easy driving distance of either my home or my work) are jam packed! Enough so that I hate the store even more than normal (other than the prices, of course).

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