Jun 03 2008

Bye, OnDemand


Oh, TV.

Back in January, Shane and I finally got cable, after going at least six months without it. We had an amazing package from Comcast that cost $23.90/month and included free programming from OnDemand (which I love!).

Today, I found out that as of tomorrow, I will no longer have access to OnDemand. Apparently, they’re changing their package arrangement, and if I want to keep OnDemand, I’ll have to upgrade from the Digital Classic package to the Digital Starter. That would cost $58 — an increase of $35 per month. I really don’t feel the added cost would be worth it.

In the past, I’ve used the free OnDemand programming to watch movies and TV shows, and occasionally an excercise program or how-to video. I think I used the OnDemand service more than our regular channels.

Perhaps this going away is a good thing. I probably watch too much TV anyway, and especially now that it’s summer, maybe I’ll be more motivated to go outside or something.  But still! Arg!

We’ll still have free HBO (I think), and I guess I’ll just have to check the schedule to catch a movie there. Better than nothing.

Back when we got cable, we canceled our Netflix account. I guess I’ll look into that again, and maybe Red Box to get cheap movies.

By the way, do any of you have Direct TV? Does that have on demand-style programming?

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9 Responses to “Bye, OnDemand”

  1. We have direct tv and it does NOT have “on demand” style programming. That’s what Tivo is for. ;)

    Jaynee’s last blog post..Some Rights Reserved

  2. You know, there’s a lot of places on the internet you can find TV shows. ;)

    Solomon’s last blog post..Things I’m Grateful For on Monday 2 June

  3. I just wrote a post on how my husband and I decided to stick with our cable package after considering doing away with it to cut costs. For us, it’s worth it to pay extra for the digital package for DVR and On Demand features, because we don’t spend money on other things.

    Sarah F.’s last blog post..Sorry, we gots to keep that cable

  4. Oh man…I am so addicted to our TV. It’s sad really.

    We have Comcast for TV/Cable, Internet, and now our phone. It’s a big bill that makes me cringe but I have to remind myself that it includes three services. Even with the huge TV package we still have NetFlix. I really like watching movies. =)

    castocreations’s last blog post..Glad to Know My Breaks Work

  5. We haven’t had television since we moved to the country in December because you have to have dish out here and it costs so much! They even add five dollars to whatever package you get if you want the local channels! I’ve been happy enough with Netflix and watching shows online.

    ABC has an excellent player and they put a lot of their shows online. And in my opinion the instant viewer at Netflix makes our package more than worth it. It’s very convient to watch a movie or show on my laptop in the kitchen while I’m washing dishes or baking.

    I will admit that I have upgraded our Netflix package twice, because we really seem to go through a lot of movies. But at thirty dollars a month, the five at a time deal plus the unlimited instant viewer is still a way better deal than the fifty dollar a month basic dish package.

    Also, my Netflix list has gotten a little, um, eclectic, because I REALLY miss Food Network. My mom recently visited and kept asking, “Isn’t Netflix for movies?” I guess she was looking for something more interesting than Martha’s Summer Favorites.

    Bethany’s last blog post..Making Laundry Soap

  6. We have basic. But a lot of stations put their most recent shows online, which is kind-of like On Demand.

  7. We discontinued cable in January. We haven’t gotten around to setting up an antenna, though we probably should before football season starts (for both our teams, hopefully). We haven’t missed cable. I’ve noticed an amazing amount gets done, though.

    For TV/movies, we use Netflix or buy the series on DVD. All 2 that we have (‘Serenity’ and CSI Miami) :)

    A bit of a different perspective, here. Hope you enjoy whichever you decide on.

  8. Hey! I was wondering how you got that little tracker for your emergency savings? I want one of my own to track something else! Thanks! -Amanda

  9. We just switched from DirectTV to Comcast this week (we moved)
    DirecTV did not have OnDemand, and it also went out with bad storms (despite the sales rep promising it wouldn’t!)

    NBC also has shows online to watch. I have had a DVR for two days and love it!

    I write about TV for a living though, so my cable bill is a business expense.

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