May 30 2008

Month of May highlights & snowflakes, and June goals


I love May. It’s the month the leaves really start forming on trees, flowers are blooming, and the weather warms up a bit. This May was fun–I told you we’re having a baby, Shane and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and we went on a lovely trip to Florida.

At the beginning of May, I told you that in 2009, we hope to either max out our retirement accounts, or come really close. I have no idea if this is even in the neighborhood of being realistic, but we’ll see.

I outlined just two goals I wanted to accomplish in May. First, to only spend cash in Florida to keep tabs on our spending while there. Achieved that no problem.

Second, I hoped that we could put $2,500 into our emergency fund in May. We had our $1,200 economic stimulus check arrive, which was quite a nice boost.

So let’s see. Did we do it? By my records, at the beginning of May, we had $4,441 in our emergency fund. An extra $2,500 would mean we’d need to have $6,941 in that account. Today, I transferred some money from our main checking into our emergency fund that will put it at $7,006. We did it! Yay! Only about $3,000 to go to have our six-month emergency fund.

May snowflakes

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$40 from Revolution Money Exchange Note: I know that people who refer others will get $10, but I don’t know if you’ll get $25 for signing up for an account anymore. If you use my referral link and sign up, but don’t get that $25, I’ll split my bonus with you and we’ll each get $5. Just e-mail me to let me know.

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$13.15 in ING Direct account interest

$520.11 from Ebates— Wow. This is mostly referral bonuses from you amazing readers. Thank you so much! I’m a huge fan of Ebates for online shopping, and it’s not just because of the referral bonuses.

$30 Target gift cards (from Ebates)

$15.42 from Clickbank — I totally forgot about Clickbank. A long time ago, I set up an account with them, but I didn’t think I’d ever get a payout. Cool surprise.

$6 from Pinecone Research

$11.42 Cashcrate — Didn’t know I had any money coming from them, either. Nice.

Total: $626.10 + $30 in gift cards

Goals for June

Let’s just see if we can add $1,500 more to our emergency fund in June, bringing the balance to $8,500 by the end of the month.

I’d also like to find new ways to save money. I feel like I’ve got the basics pretty well understood. Time to find some new, creative ways to cut costs.

I will turn 23 years old in June. I want to go out to a nice dinner with Shane to celebrate. Also, sometimes relatives give me money for my birthday. If that’s the case, I’m going to do my best to spend at least a little of that money on myself, rather than save it all.

That’s all I can think of for now. Here’s to a great June for everyone!

May 29 2008

Some renters being affected by foreclosures


This story on made me mad.

Renters are being affected by this foreclosure mess, too. In the article, one family dutifully paid rent on time. They’re probably going to get kicked out of their home, because the owner of the rental house is behind on the mortgage. Good grief. The family will lose their home and their $7k security deposit.

The same thing is happening to a single mother of eight children, also mentioned in that story.

It’s really a shame when a family does their best by renting a house (and avoiding a mortgage they can’t afford), and paying their rent on time, and get kicked out anyway.

My husband and I are renters in an apartment complex, and I feel it’s less likely that the apartment company will go into foreclosure. But nothing is guaranteed.

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