May 31 2008

Saturday morning links of interest


Here are some links that caught my attention this week.

PaidTwice has a fantastic list of ways to stay in debt forever. When you read her list, you might think, “That’s so obvious–I would never do that!” But people do those things every day. I’ve been guilty of several of these before I started to get a clue.

When I started my blog last September, I wanted a venue to write about whatever I wanted, figure out how to save money, help others save, and have a fun hobby. I didn’t expect my blog to earn money. It took awhile, but thanks to ads and affiliate links, I’m starting to earn a nice trickle of funds. Mrs. Micah has a great post for those of you who either have a blog already or are thinking about starting one with the hopes of maybe making some cash.

Love getting free food in the mail? You can be sure that I do. Freebies4Mom has a roundup of some current food freebies that you’ll wanna check out.

Ashley sent me a link to a story about what some retailers are doing to encourage consumers to spend money with them, even though people seem to be spending less lately.

Want to check out some top personal finance blogs? Visit Fire Finance to see this month’s top 100 blogs by reported feed traffic.

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4 Responses to “Saturday morning links of interest”

  1. Glad you liked it Kacie. I think a lot of people in PF got into it because they loved it. Or because they were looking for control. I know some who wanted to make money, but they waited until they could make real money. Plus they found the subject interesting…a must!

  2. Congratulation on hitting your emergency fund goal. Truly enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing:-)

  3. I’ve applied for a ton of food freebies, but I have yet to receive even one. I’m in Canada, but I make sure to check that they’ll send ’em up north.

    How long do you guys typically wait for your freebies to arrive?

    Burnski’s last blog post..Bargain Bonanza – Prices on Custom Beer Mugs & More Get Smashed at Personal Creations – $25 off Orders of $100 on Custom Photo Gifts & Drinkware

  4. It usually seems to take awhile to get my food freebies. So long, in fact, that I usually forget about it, and then tada! It’s in the mailbox. I hope you get some snacks soon!

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