May 21 2008

An update on our ring saga


Shane and I went to the mall this afternoon and talked to the folks at Kay. We sized his finger and talked about the ring we wanted. The list price there? $499. I told the guy that Zales had it for $399, and that I was able to find it even cheaper online. He was able to match the Zales price, but he couldn’t go any lower. Bah.

I checked out and, since a few of you suggested those sites (thanks, M, Dirkey, and Ladygoat). One site did have his ring, and it would be about $320.

However, I decided to buy it from

I logged into my Ebates account, and clicked through to Zales to earn me 5 percent back on my purchase. That’ll come to about $17.45. Plus, I have $45 of Ebates referral cash that I wouldn’t be able to receive until I spent enough of my own money to earn $5.01 in cash back funds (not just the referral money. Hope that makes sense!). So, that’s $62.45 that I’ll get back from Ebates in a few months.

Then, I found a coupon code at for $50 off a $250 purchase at I have free shipping, since we spent over $150.

All told, here’s the breakdown:

$399 regular price – $50 online coupon = $349
FREE shipping
$24.43 sales tax
= $373.43 paid out of pocket

After I deduct the Ebates check of $62.45, that’ll be $310.98 total.

We had $179 left over from our vacation money, and $100 from anniversary money. All told, this missing ring will impact our budget by about $32. No big deal.

I can’t wait for it to get here! I hope this one lasts a long time.

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8 Responses to “An update on our ring saga”

  1. Wow, what a deal…I have so much to learn!!

    Marie’s last blog post..HSG…CHECK

  2. Glad to hear that, while a most unfortunate incident still, it’s having little impact on the “bottom line” at least! Nice shopping!

    My husband has lost his wedding ring… oh, three times so far. And our first anniversary was just in March. Luckily he’s actually found it each time (longest it went missing was for four weeks when it somehow became lodged in a chair seat), but I know the feeling of it being *poof* gone!

    Rachel’s last blog post..We have survived!

  3. I love Ebates. I have saved a lot of money through them, but I’ve never got a cash back check that large before. That’s some good savings!

  4. Have you talked to your renter’s insurance to see if they’ll cover the lost ring? Your jewelry should be a part of your coverage, but I’m not sure under what circumstances they’re cover loss or damage.

    Sarah’s last blog post..Bakery outlet

  5. Damn, girl! That’s quite the deal!

    You really scoured the web for savings and made the most of it. Nice job :D

    Burnski’s last blog post..Bargain Bonanza – The Real Slim Shady = Slim Prices + The Shade Store – Free Shipping & 10% off All Solar Shades

  6. @ Sarah–Good idea. I had thought about it, but since our deductible was $500, it wouldn’t be a good deal. But, if a more expensive ring was lost, it would be a good way to go.

  7. You did great finding the best price for the ring. I like how you found the coupon codes, and then used Ebates for more savings!

    Lisa @ Cents To Save’s last blog post..Walgreen’s 5.00 dollar coupon

  8. Kacie, you are a goddess of buying things right. Wow. And I hope the ring is happily and snugly upon Shane’s finger before you know it. :)

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