May 07 2008

Change your shoes, change your gas mileage (and other ideas)

My pal Ashley sent me this link on how to stretch your fuel the furthest.
Given the current gas prices, the news media are beating us over the head with stories on gas prices and how to save at the pump. I swear, the 5:00 local news has a story about this every. single. day.
We’ve all heard the standard, “Drive the speed limit or below, keep your tires properly inflated, consolidate your trips, take public transit,” blah blah. Yes, these are good tips. But, how can you save even more?
That question brings us to this story in Time. Here’s a few tips I’d like to mention:
You’ll see how you can get a gas gift card if you stay at certain hotels (I’m betting the hotel price is adjusted for this “freebie”).
Or, maybe you could spend $170 on a gas usage monitor. Eh, I’m a bit unenthusiastic about that, especially when you can monitor your gas mileage for free.
A tip that anyone can do is to skip the drive-thru and get your food inside. When your car is idling in line, it’s getting 0 mpg. Yeah. Better yet? Skip fast food altogether.
Another suggestion in the story is to wear different shoes. They argue that unless you can really feel how hard you’re hitting the brakes or the gas, you could be overdoing it.
Finally, before you head out, you can check prices at GasBuddy and maybe save a few cents per gallon on your next fill-up.
How do you save on gas?

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5 Responses to “Change your shoes, change your gas mileage (and other ideas)”

  1. I keep the radio off unless I’m really listening to it. All those extra devices (air conditioning, radio, etc.) run off the battery, which indirectly uses gas. Just a thought… Not sure how much it really saves but it must save something!

  2. Good point on the idling! I don’t think people realize how much gas is wasted when the car is running, yet just sitting there. Also, as we approach summer, try really hard to park in the shade. This way your car won’t get so hot inside and then the AC won’t have to work as hard cooling it off.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Jealous

  3. Speaking of saving gas, hybrid cars are looking more and more attractive these days, BUT is the expense worth it? I had a friend who was thinking about trading his old Hyundai for a Prius or another Hyundai. The new Hyundai was several thousand dollars cheaper so, being the frugal man that he is, he calculated the savings on gas (including the projected rate of inflation/continually rising gas prices for the next 15 years as well as decreased gasoline efficiency–he’s really into numbers)and decided that it’s significantly CHEAPER for him to buy the Hyundai, even though he’s paying for more gas. He may still go with the hybrid, simply because there’s no way to know for sure how gas prices will rise, and he wants to do something good for the environment (and then there’s the politics of it all). However, no one should feel tempted to trade in a perfectly good car with decent gas mileage just to save a few of dollars at the pump (though moral/ecological reasons are a another consideration in that choice).

  4. I think for me the appeal of a $170 gas gadget is that you know instantly what habits are gas wasters. I used to keep track of my mileage, and I must admit it didn’t alter my driving habits as much.

    Of course, I’m not saying it’s worth the $170… that’s just what appeals to me. :-)

    ashley @ twentysixcats’s last blog post..Gerig Reunion: Reservations!

  5. We own two vehicles – one a Neon and a Montana Van. Since we are trying to pay down debt and save on the ever expanding price of gas we now carpool to work. We have similar hours and most days this works for us. About once a week we take seperate vehicles because of shift changes. And when we go out and about town on the weekends we use the car instead of the van like we did when we first got it.

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