May 02 2008

Rent increases: Good news, bad news


I received notice that our rent would be increasing if we chose to renew our lease at the end of June. The cost would go up $20.

The bad news? That it’s going up at all. Stink!

The good news? It’s a lot less than I expected. And, it’s less than inflation. The percent increase is just about 2.6 percent, whereas inflation is like 4 percent.

I don’t know if we’ll be living here long enough to pay more rent. I’m hoping we’ll relocate to another city by then! We’ll just have to wait ‘n see.

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8 Responses to “Rent increases: Good news, bad news”

  1. Maybe you’ll move somewhere with a lower cost of living… where the rent is lower… like Indiana! ;-)

    Joanna’s last blog post..Lei Day!

  2. When we first got stationed in the Pacific Northwest over five years ago we were paying $600 a month in rent. We were forced out of our first apartment when they were converted to condos. Over the following four years our rent increased to 1338. We moved into a smaller house for 1100. We’ve accepted the high cost of living near Seattle. The farther out you live though the more you spend on gas. We’re trying to find the perfect balance of gas to rent ratio.

  3. hmm, so you pay about 775 a month in rent. Are you looking to save up for a house? I only read your blog occasionally but I like what I read. Congrats on your rent not going up that much. Don’t mention that ur happy to your landlord, they are prolly afraid that the increase is making you mad, thats y they prolly keep rent increases low. They are afraid of losing you.

    David Carter’s last blog post..Which is Better Roth or Traditional IRA?

  4. It’s at $750 now, and will go to $770 for the July 1 payment.

    We’re not yet saving for a house, as we’re building our emergency fund first, paying off our car second, and throwing a bunch of money into retirement accounts.

    In a few years, we hope to get into a house, but I’m really not in any hurry.

    We hope to buy a house in a city that we’ll be in for over five years (and I’m REALLY hoping that’s not Pittsburgh. Nothing against the Steel City–it’s just way too far from home).

    I was walking through the grass outside my apartment today, and it was long. I thought, “I am SO glad I’m not responsible for mowing it!”

  5. Wow over 700 a month rent. My brother is renting a 2 bedroom here in NC for 325.00 And it is in a nice neighborhood also. I pay $400.00. The cost of living here is not that much at all. And I am within 45 minute driving distance to Research Triangle Park. It is amazing how the cost of living varies from place to place. Oh Kacie, I really like the pink blog. Keep up the good work. My little 7 year old likes it also.

    Dwayne’s last blog post..Sense to Save

  6. I’m in the PacNW and mine just went up by about $50 per year. Also less than I was expecting.

    When I lived in NYC, it went up by $300 one year! How insane is that? Should be illegal…

  7. Ours is going up $50, but I thought it was going to go up $100, so I’m thrilled!!! :)

  8. thanks for dropping your ec in my blog. hope to hear more from you. hope could save like you do. its different here in the philippines. saving is hard but not impossible. when r u planning to buy your own house instead of renting?

    pinoydeal’s last blog post..The Philippines and True Repentance

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