Apr 25 2008

Check your airline’s baggage policys to avoid paying extra


A few days ago, several conscientious readers pointed out that airline baggage requirements are changing, and now some airlines are only allowing one “free” checked bag per flier. Lovely.

I checked with our airline, AirTran, and sure enough, starting May 15 they will be charging $10 for a second checked bag. That’s the day of my flight. Arg.

From the AirTran web site:

Through May 14, 2008 — For each fare-paying customer, AirTran Airways allows two (2) checked pieces free of charge, with size limitations. The maximum weight is 50 pounds and maximum size is 61 inches (length + width + height).

Effective May 15, 2008 — The charge for a second checked bag will be $10. For each fare-paying customer, AirTran Airways will allow one (1) checked piece free of charge, with size and weight limitations.

Click here to see Delta’s policy (changes on May 5).

Are these changes going to result in lower airfares and better service? Doubtful.

Anyway, because of these baggage changes, I’m probably going to buy all of our food in Florida now, rather than pack a suitcase full.

I hope that Shane and I will be able to fit all of our belongings in two suitcases between us, plus our small carry-ons. I’ve been able to travel light before (I went to New York City for like 4 days using just a carry-on!), but this should be tricky. At least we’re going to a warm climate, where we won’t need to pack winter coats and boots!

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7 Responses to “Check your airline’s baggage policys to avoid paying extra”

  1. Dont worry so much, in Fort myers you have Save a lot, publix, Albertson, winn dixie , cvs and walgreens so I agree with you the extra charge its not going to pay off.

    Ahorros y cupones en español’s last blog post..Marquen las agendas!

  2. That’s too bad!

    i hate how airlines are finding any way to take more money. i understand that gas prices are going up, but they’re so sneaky about everything by charging for a second bag, or lowering the bag weight limit so they can charge people with their one bag. It’s silly and i feel it’s a bit dishonest.

    jessica @pianomomsicle’s last blog post..Try them out Thursday! 4.24.08

  3. Take a look at Rick Steves website for some packing tips; I highly recommend the packing cubes (and I love their luggage, too). We are military and one assignment involved a lot of travel- we had a baby/toddler at the time and would go on a trip for 2 weeks at a time using only public transportation all over Eastern Europe. I had a carry-on size rolling bag, my husband had the backpack version, and we had a small backpack for the child as well as her stroller. It can be done you can still take your food.

  4. Will you have access to a washer and dryer? Or an iron? Those things could help you.

    S.B.’s last blog post..Using What You Know To Help Others Financially

  5. On some of the European airlines they charge even for the first bag!! On my way to London I had to pay 15 Euros to check my bag and leaving I had to pay 15 pounds!! If I had known it would be that expensive, I would have worn the same clothes the whole time. :-)

  6. Four days in New York with one carry on?

    I did 10 days in Costa Rica with one carry on and my camel back; 8 days in Bejing with one carry on and a backpack; 14 days in Thailand with one rolling duffle/backpack. You just need to learn to pack better!

    Have fun on your trip!

  7. I have to admit, one bag with no weight restrictions sounds like a pretty sweet deal. One thing I do is get those packing/storage bags – the kind where you fill the bag with clothes and then roll them up to press all the air out. The problem is that it’s very easy to end up with a very heavy bag once you’ve flattened out all your clothes. But if you don’t have a weight limit, then you’re set!

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