Apr 22 2008

A few inexpensive snacks we enjoy


We don’t snack much at home. We tend to snack when we’re bored, and that’s never a good reason to eat. I try to keep on hand some semi-healthy (or completely unhealthy but delicious), frugal snacks to tide us over between meals.

Popcorn — At $1/box (one box has six bags) at Aldi, that’s only $0.16 per bag. There’s enough for at least two people in a bag, depending on how much you like to eat.

Whole fruit — I bought a bag of apples and a bag of oranges for $2.29/bag. Each bag contained maybe eight pieces of fruit (I’ll count next time). That’s like $0.30 per serving. We also like grapes and bananas for quick munching. You can dip apple slices in peanut butter or caramel dip, or yogurt with granola on top.

Applesauce — I’ve made my own before when apples were in season and really cheap. Or, you can pick up a jar for $0.89 or so. We like to add cinnamon to ours.

Yogurt — My husband eats a lot of yogurt. Typically, I buy it at Aldi for about $0.45 per cup. If you have yogurt coupons, you can sometimes find them cheaper at the grocery. Or, buy a larger container and make your own serving sizes.

Pudding — Even though the box says not to use nonfat milk to make instant pudding, I do it anyway. It seems to hold up fine, though it’s probably not as thick as it would be if I used 2% milk. With powdered reconstituted milk, making instant pudding is really cheap and easy. Eat it as it is, or stuff it into some creampuffs.

Jell-o — Also quick and easy, Jell-o is just a box of mix and water–super cheap! You can add chopped fruit or turn it into a gelatin dessert for some variety. I buy the Aldi brand stuff for $0.25/box.

Pretzels/chips/crackers — Can be had for $1 or $2 at Aldi, depending on the variety and size. I try to limit this category, since “you can’t eat just one!”

Cookies — I eat a lot of them. Cookies are delicious. The ones I get are $1 per bag at Aldi. Or, I could pick up a bag of chocolate chips for $1 and make some yummy Tollhouse pan-style chocolate chip cookies for a little bit more money.

Trail mix — Make your own with your favorite cereals, nuts, pretzels, M&Ms, raisins, other dried fruit, seasonings and whatever you want.

Cheese quesadillas — A tortilla, some shredded cheese, a little bit of salsa microwaved or broiled, and then dipped in sour cream.

What are your favorite snacks?

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10 Responses to “A few inexpensive snacks we enjoy”

  1. I enjoy some of the snacks you eat too. I bring apples, grapes or bananas to work as my snack since I am always hungry and I like to eat a little bit every few hours.

    I also bring yogurt to work sometimes but I prefer the whole fruit since I can keep it out and I don’t have a fridge in my classroom.

    I just bought some applesauce but I don’t like the taste of it.
    Sometimes I bring nuts as my snack too.

    lulugal11’s last blog post..Happy Earth Day

  2. Somewhere recently I read how to make your own microwave popcorn with a paper lunch bag! I’m laughing a little at how much more economically you two can snack on the same sort of stuff I keep, but I’m going broke because a 13 year old boy is doing the snacking!!!

    I would add homemade breadsticks, peanut butter on celery , pbj on bread or cheap crackers, homemade frozen bean/rice burritos [I have a 13 year old boy remember–i.e. “bottomless pit”] raw veggies and dip, Italian bread wtih balsamic/olive oil dip, applesauce quesadillas, refried beans [homemade] and of course the stuff I bake [and try not to eat!!] like brownies, chocolate cake, etc that my kids enjoy having!

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  3. Fat free/sugar free chocolate smoothie

    Crush 1-1.5 cups of ice in a blender. Add one small (3.4oz) package of Jell-o instant pudding mix (fat/sugar free, of course)–the blue box. Add around 1 cup of fat-free milk and blend away. Add more milk for a thinner smoothie and less milk for a thicker one. Add a dollop of Cool-whip on top, and you’re set! It’s a wonderful treat and makes 2-3 smoothies.

    Sally Ann’s last blog post..oh canada…eh?

  4. Toast. A tiny can of V-8 juice. Homemade muffins or quickbread. Home-made fruit salad. Handful of nuts. Slice of cheese (not that cheap). Strawberry milkshakes (frozen strawberries are cheaper than fresh).

    I agree that pudding made with skim milk is still delicious. It’s plenty thick, too–the thickener is not the fat!

    And I like to cut up bananas and mix that with plain or vanilla yogurt. I can make up several serving-sized packages to bring to work with me on Monday. Buying the large container of yogurt and my own favorite flavorings is cheaper than buying the individual sized yogurts. If you do buy the individual yogurts, you can save the containers (the ones with lids) to portion out your own yogurt later.

  5. String cheese can be inexpensive and is full of protein and easy to carry around. I also enjoy having almonds, though they are not cheap. According to Dan Cheeseman, however, it is a snack that levels one’s blood sugar more than any other food can. If only Cheeseman knew I still quoted him.

  6. I can usually find yogurt for cheaper per ounce at Publix or Bilo instead of Aldi.

    Does your store carry the fat free stuff?

    The healthy options at my local Aldi are next to none.

    A’s last blog post..I bond, you bond?

  7. No fat-free yogurt at my Aldi. I don’t usually buy fat-free foods, as I can’t stand them. Also, I could use the fat.

    When I checked the label of the yogurt in my fridge, it’s only got 2g of fat, so not that much anyway.

  8. In college I discovered the Presto Power Pop (sells for under $15) which is a neat little gadget that lets you make air-popped popcorn in the microwave. It makes for cheap and healthy snacking.

    Other than that, I watch the sales, and try to stick to the fruit and veggies that are in season.

  9. MMM, the quesidlia idea sounds good. I will have to try that one!
    I also like to eat Bannanas with peanut butter and choclate chips sprinkled on them–you can get the choclate chips at Aldi for $1.00 a bag.

    I have to hide my choclate chips. With 4 boys scanning my shelves they are quick to find them and gobble them all up!

    Donna(mom24boyz)’s last blog post..Project Garage Sale! UPDATED!

  10. One of my favorites: A can of tuna (drained extra dry), mixed with about 4oz of cream cheese, and pita chips.

    Cream cheese and tuna are cheap, and you can make your own pita chips really easily. Split the pita in half, and cut each half into 6 pieces. Put about 5 drops of oil into a super hot pan, and throw one cut half of the pita in the pan. about a minute or so on each side, with the pan covered.

    You can also just deep fry the pita pieces if you have that available. They turn out 100% different, and I like both, depending on my mood. Overall, probably about 2 bucks, maybe three for this snack.

    Another thing I like to try to switch it up a bit, is to use the smaller cans of tuna that have flavors added, like lemon pepper or sundried tomatoes. They are about half the size, so I use half the cream cheese, and its a perfect size for one person to have a pretty good sized snack.

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