Apr 21 2008

Someone tried to steal from me


Someone stole my credit card number and tried to buy shoes (I think) with it.

I have all of our accounts linked to Mint.com, and when I saw that there was a pending charge, alarm bells went off in my mind. We haven’t used our credit cards in a few months, and they are all at $0.

“Could I have forgotten about an automatic payment to the account?” I wondered. No, I hadn’t.

Somehow, someone had gotten a hold of my credit card number and charged about $103 at an online shoe and apparel store.

Oh no, you didn’t.

I called the credit card company, spoke with the fraud department, and they quickly canceled the card and assured me that I wouldn’t be responsible for those charges.

So now, I’m going to order another copy of my credit report (I had used my free one just a few months ago). I hope that this was an isolated event, and I hope that these thieves haven’t opened cards in my name.

If I knew someone needed shoes, I would gladly buy them a pair or two. But to try to steal from me? That makes me mad.

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14 Responses to “Someone tried to steal from me”

  1. Yep, we’ve had the same thing happen to us, a couple times, and each time the bank has been very cooperative. A plane ticket in Singapore, an expensive purse, and a cell phone account.

    I think the lesson for me was, it pays to be on top of your finances, knowing what the balance of everything ought to be, checking things often and having good communication with your spouse!

    joanna’s last blog post..Uncle Chris

  2. About a year ago, my credit card company called to verify “suspicious activity” on my account. It turns out someone had tried to charge $700 worth of leather goods on my account!!! The credit card company quickly issued me a new number, and subsequent credit report checks show everything is fine. Still it’s really scary. Not to mention the hassle, since I do a lot of online bill-paying with my credit card (and pay the bill in full each month) and had to change all the account numbers.

    Bottom line is that it’s smart to keep an eagle eye on your accounts.

  3. A few years ago the fraud division of one of my credit cards called me to ask if I had made an online purchase of $600 from Payless Shoes. I explained that first, I didn’t have $600 to spend on shoes. And second, if I could afford $600 for shoes, I’m certain I could afford better shoes than what Payless offers. They very nicely denied the charge.

  4. grr that is frustrating!! Thankfully we’ve avoided the problems with identity theft so far!

    Also thought you might be interested holding a contest-giveaway on my blog for Earth day.

    Dirkey’s last blog post..Joy in the small things-An Earth Day Contest

  5. Been there, done that–live thru the credit card stealing. Ick. I’m sorry you’re going thru that. Hopefully you found the only purchase.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Public child abuse

  6. YIKES! I hope it was just isolated for your sake! But good thing you were monitoring your accounts!

    TheCFONow’s last blog post..They’re Talking About Me!

  7. I had that happen too! Only, we found out that someone at the Pizza Hut call center had used our debit card number and charged an extra $100 and pocketed the cash! I was like, uh right….I didn’t just spend $124 on PIZZA!!!! (And, that was the LAST time I ever used my debit card over the phone. Stupid, I know.) Thankfully our bank investigated, gave us back the $100, and got the guy fired since we weren’t the only ones that he scammed.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that if you go to http://www.freecreditreport.com you can check all 3 reporting bureaus free. So, what we do is check 6 times per year. All 3 in hubby’s name, and then all 3 in my name. But, we space them out and do it every other month or so. Sort of like a free credit monitoring service! :)

    Kristy (MomsMakinCents)’s last blog post..Grocery spending re-cap (Kristy)

  8. Been there, done that.


    Make a police report and then report the crime and your police report number to the Federal Trade Commission! I did that.

    Once you put a fraud alert on your credit report, you are entitled to another free credit report.

    The Federal Trade Commission has a whole webpage devoted to ID Theft. http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft/consumers/defend.html

  9. Oh my gosh! i’m glad you noticed. i haven’t used cc’s in a long time, but still have balances and am paying them. i should check my statements just to make sure everything is still ok!

    i’m glad it turned out ok for you. Yuck.

    jessica @pianomomsicle’s last blog post..A beautiful Memory

  10. Go get ’em Kace.

  11. Ugh! At least you were able to stop it in time.

    Haven’t had an experience like that…yet. *crosses fingers*

  12. Ick! My parents once had someone they know steal and forge a check. The sad thing is that they probably would have given the money if this person really needed it. Fortunately, they were able to settle out of court since the person was able to pay them back.

    I don’t know who it was because they didn’t think it was important to tell us who, just that we should stay on top of this stuff (of course, that was in the old pre-online banking days when it was harder to be neurotic about transactions).

    Sounds like you handled it well!


    Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post..Miscellaneous Ramblings of a dot com Guru April 21 2008

  14. GRRRR…that stinks! Glad to hear that you won’t be responsbile for the charges and hope that everything works out in terms of the rest of your info being safe. It is awesome that you were still monitoring your accounts even with $0 balances!

    Marcy’s last blog post..Printable Muir Glen, Cascadian Farm and Motts Coupons

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