Apr 15 2008

A $7 beauty school haircut


After almost a year (OK–more like 9 months, but who’s counting?) I finally got a haircut.

I just hadn’t gotten around to getting a haircut in awhile, and I didn’t actually need one. I tend to wear my hair up most of the time, anyway. Today, I went to a beauty college to see if they could make me look better than I did when I walked in.

For only $7, I got a wash, cut and dry.

The stylist asked pertinent questions (and not so pertinent ones: “Do you have kids? Do you want kids? Are you trying to have kids?” … um…please just cut my hair, kthx.).

Anyway, she seemed pretty skilled and washed my hair well, and did a good job of cutting it. My hair is long and straight and fairly simple to cut, if you’d ask me.

When she was done, she called her supervisor over, who looked it over to make sure it was fine.

The stylist got her teacher’s and client’s stamp of approval.

The next time I need a haircut, I’m definitely going back to that beauty school. I got the same level of attention I could hope for at a regular salon, I wasn’t kept waiting, and I got a good haircut for the low low price of $7. What more could I want?

Have you gotten your hair cut at a beauty college? What was your experience?

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23 Responses to “A $7 beauty school haircut”

  1. I went to a beauty school to get my hair cut when I was a kid – the school has since closed and there really is not one in the area. I generally cut my own hair or go to a cheapo place in the mall that charges $14, maybe 2-3 times a year. I never wait, get a good cut and everyone is very friendly especially to my little one when I have to bring her. I have friends that pay an outrageous amount of money (upwards of $50), they know I think they’re nuts.

  2. I’ve had a cheap haircut that way. It was fine. A bit shorter than I wanted but the cut was done well. I’d go back again but I really want to grow it out of having it short. Everytime I get it long my Mom goes on and on about how it looks better short. So I cut it short and hate it till it grows back.

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  3. Yes, I’m a fan. I’ve gotten some great haircuts there!

  4. I’ve gotten my hair cut at a school before – they did an okay job. The BEST free haircuts I got were when I became a volunteer at the Redken HQ near my office. Every couple months Redken would have salon owners to come to RHQ to learn about new products and new techniques. They’d have volunteers come in to get their hair cut/colored. I volunteered for a couple years – it was AWESOME to get my hair cut and colored by SALON OWNERS (so you know they are good!) for FREE.

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  5. I almost always get my hair cut at a beauty school. It’s a great way to save money and you’re helping out students at the same time. I’ve gone to multiple schools and have never had any problems.

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  6. I used to have my hair dyed at schools. However even the school in my area have raised there prices to over $20. So now I just do it myself.

    Schools are a great place to get your brow waxed, for cheap too.

  7. I actually find that when people are talking to me during things like getting my hair cut, is a huge annoyance and many times the people talking just don’t know when to stop. But I’ve never seen offers to get your hair cut at a school before.

  8. I got my hair “done” for prom at a local beauty school. Was very nice. I’ve only had it professionally cut once since I was a baby.

    My best haircut was one I gave myself, along with some friends consulting back in Jr year of college. It’s one of those things you can get away with in college because no biggie if you totally screw up. I haven’t cut it since and it grew out in perfect waves. I’m really shocked by how well it translated into different lengths.

    I’ve been thinking about getting it cut again soon, there are a few beauty schools near me. It makes me nervous that all the pictures in their windows are of black ladies, and I do live in a predominantly black area, so I wonder if they’d have much experience with my type of hair.

  9. I always get my hair done at the beauty school. I’ve only had one experience where the cut was not-so-good. But I didn’t speak up when the supervisor came over. I felt so bad for the girl because she was so nervous when she was cutting my hair.

    The only other time that was bad was when I got my hair colored. I’m a dirty blonde. I walked out of there kind of orange. But that won’t sto me from going again. You can’t beat the price!

  10. I have not gone to a beauty college yet. However, when I get my hair cut, I wait until it’s long enough for a locks of love donation. When I go to a Great Clips salon, (most of them have this deal, so I’m told) they give me a free cut!

    All I do is pay for the tip (which is about $5-7).

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  11. I’ve never had my hair cut at a beauty school, but my friend and I had pedicures done once. It was a great experience!

  12. I’ve never had my hair cut at the beauty school–but I’ve had many an eyebrow waxed, facial, massage and scalp treatments. I’ve never had a bad experience. At the one by me, Weds is “discount day”, where you get at least 10% off your service (they have you reach into a bag and pull out a chip–there’s even a chip that gets you a freebie!). I always try to go on Weds!!

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  13. I feel like doing to the salon and cut my hair right now..
    if only if I’ve the time now.. :(

    You’ve a sweet blog here.. will be back again..

  14. I got my hair cut at beauty school few years ago for $5. Unfortunately, stylist I got was not very good and took about two hours to get the hair cut. Cut was OK but two hours for getting my hair cut was bit longer than I would have liked and have not gone back in about seven years.

    But with recent financial issues, I decided to give it another try. The cut was still $5 but I was very happy with the stylist who cut my hair, in about 20 minutes. I was so happy, I gave him a $3 tip. I will probably continue to go there. No more $20 cuts for me!

  15. My daughter is now a student at a Beauty School. WOW! I had no idea how much they have to deal with in bad attitudes from the other students, and even some clients. No matter where you get your hair done, your hairdresser had to go through some really petty attitudes from others.

    I would also like to mention that your student hairdresser gets none of the money that you pay for a service. It ALL goes to the school. They are allowed to accept TIPS and really appreciate them. Remember, they are college students, and as such are as broke as any other college student. Your tip could mean that they get to eat lunch that day.

    Also, if you get more than one service done (ie: hair and nails), and you get more than one student, tip each one individually. They don’t share.

    Thanks for all the great ideas on this site! I’m excited to explore around it.

  16. I’ve wanted to try this for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it. You’ve convinced me that it’s a good idea. Thanks!

  17. I have as a child thanks to my Granny! It was a fun treat to go with her. Granny had her hair done at the same beauty school salon for over 50 years. She even got a plaque for her faithful patronage. Good memories- she was ushered into Glory yesterday morning.

  18. God bless your Granny, T.

    My husband’s grandmother went to be with the Lord the other day, as well.

  19. I haven’t visited a beauty college, but I do recommend trying massage schools, etc. for discount services. I got one hour-long massage (a good massage, I might add) for $30 one time, versus $100+ elsewhere.

    Students are always trying to impress and usually have fantastic supervisors – meaning you get people who really care about what they’re doing for a fraction of the price.

    Usually services include waxing, manicures, etc.

    Have fun everyone!

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  20. I haven’t done the beauty college thing, but did try out a local salon’s ” training school” a couple of time after I quit my job to stay home full time. The first experience was great, but my second, um…not so much. I always go for cut and highlights, and I have no clue how the girl who did my highlights graduated from cosmetology school and was now employed by a very popular (and large chain) of local salons. I actually went back to have another girl fix it (for free) and she admitted it was the worst she had seen. I think cuts in general are pretty safe if your hair style is simple. All over color probably isn’t bad either. But I would think twice about highlights! Just my opinion though.


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  21. No but I would! I don’t know where to find these places around here. My hair is kind of finicky though. I did cut my husband’s hair myself the other week, and I think I did pretty good! I’ll be cutting it from now on and saving the $12 or so it costs.

  22. I just returned from the funeral of my Granny, and thought you all might get a chuckle out of this as well. My aunt had showed me a form Granny had filled out 4 years to the day before she died regarding her last wishes at this particular funeral home/cemetary. On there was “hairdresser, $50.” Prices went up and it ended up being $65. It struck me as somewhat funny that after all those years of being frugal about her hair, that the last service was so pricey! She deserved it, though, and looked very pretty. T

  23. The local beauty school charges $5 for haircuts. The coloring is hit or miss and it does seem to take forever to get the work done. I expect that the work isn’t perfect and am very generous when I tip. My last experience wasn’t so great. The supervisor came by and decided to help assist the student. Since I’m not familiar with the process I didn’t realize she was decolorizing my whole head. Instead of hightlights I ended up with an all over hair color instead. It took an extra hour to correct it. But the haircut was great.

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