Apr 14 2008

Watch some ads, earn some free magazines


You’ve probably heard me mention that I love reading magazines. I subscribe to at least a dozen, many of which I’ve gotten for free or almost-free.

Crystal has found a great way to earn some free magazine subscriptions. All it will cost is your time. You’ll have to watch advertisements online at Adperk until you’ve earned enough credits.

With ads ranging from 45 seconds to four minutes (from what I’ve been able to find), it took me about 35-45 minutes to watch enough to get a free year’s subscription to Good Housekeeping.

Good Housekeeping costs 24 credits, and I watched several one and two-credit ads to earn enough.

I took a few breaks in between, and was able to multi-task, so it wasn’t that bad.

Other magazine titles available are Popular Science, Ode, Skiing and Field & Stream, with many more titles coming soon.

Of course, you’ll have to subject yourself to a bit of marketing, and you’ll have to weigh the value of your time spent watching those ads. For some, it’s more frugal to simply buy a subscription. But, if you’re like me (a gal who loooves her magazines and would rather not pay a cent for any of them), or maybe you don’t have a spare $5 or $10, this could be a great way to score a subscription.

When you’re finished reading them, try to sell them to Half Price Books (they pay more for current issues), donate them to your doctor’s office or library, or pass them on to a friend who might like them. Or, toss them in with your paper recycling.

Edit: OK…not sure why only part of my post went up, and not sure why the comments were closed. Sorry bout that.

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3 Responses to “Watch some ads, earn some free magazines”

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing how much time it took you to win your free subscription to Good Housekeeping. Now I know to not even try it – it’s just too much time! I am getting lots of free magazines a lot easier than that – but good to know if you really are a fan and want another free magazine!

  2. i subscribe to a bunch of magazines, too. i probably get 2-3/week. But what i do is whenever i buy anything online, i’m always offered free mag subscriptions and i actually do it. And then i make sure to cancel them at the end of the year. It works out very nicely:)
    i’m glad you love magazines, too. There is so much about us that is alike!

    jessica’s last blog post..Try them out Thursday! 4.10.08

  3. I’ll have to find some spare time… LOL… but seriously, thanks for sharing the tip.

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