Apr 09 2008

This is what our debt looks like


…in Monopoly money. Lovely, ain’t it?

Since I don’t drive a Monopoly car, we’ll just have to stay the course and pay off that dang debt AQAP–as quick as possible. If things go well, that thing could be paid for this time next year. We’ll see.

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11 Responses to “This is what our debt looks like”

  1. congrats! keep it up!

    hyperactive lu’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday….Spring Flowers!

  2. Ha! That’s a fun way to look at it. Nothing like a pink $5 to help you take money seriously!

  3. That is a great way to put it, simple terms! I remember when my son could not count money or anything for that matter, and always wanted to play monopoly..and I would just keep sticking the money in the bank, oh I owe this much..and put double in.. just to get the game over.. now at 17, he is a bit smarter, but this is a great way to show kids the value of a dollar!

    Susie’s last blog post..Are you a guitar hero?

  4. I paid off my car a couple of years ago and it’s pushing over 220,000 miles. It still runs good, but I dread the day I have to purchase another one.

    By the way, I found your site through Entrecard and I visit it fairly regularly. I’ve been tagged with a virtual game and I have now tagged you by adding a link to your site in a post titled, Seven Random Facts about Yours Truly. If you feel like joining in the game, please visit my post. Have a great day!

    Julie’s last blog post..Seven Random Facts About Yours Truly

  5. Unfortunately the monopoly set doesn’t have enough play cash to represent our debt. But that’s a cool visual. :)

  6. What a great idea for a visualization tool! That would be good to attach to a poster board and then rip off the ‘money’ as you reduce your debt. I think they sell bundles of play money in the toy section at dollar stores.

  7. I think I will do that–hang up that Monopoly money when we start to tackle the car debt. We aren’t paying extra right now, so I don’t wanna do that until we really start making progress, or I’ll get bummed out, lol.

  8. I like this way of looking at it! Kind of a reminder to never take it too seriously, even though it’s important.

    Keep up the good work!

    Bethany B-A’s last blog post..The little bit of the Big Island we saw…

  9. Very cool visual! I wish ours was that low, it was once and then the military decided that we should be uprooted once again.

    Hopefully soon I will have a full time job here in our new place, and we can once again begin attacking our debt.

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