Apr 04 2008

Posts I think you’ll enjoy

There’s a bunch of posts from my feed reader this week that I’d love to share with you. Here they are, in no particular order. Check ’em out!
At The Wisdom Journal, we learn of a major mistake that anyone can make, especially when finances are lean. True, most of us take a job because we need the money. But, there’s more than the salary and benefits package to consider when signing on.
Check out this list of basic pantry staples for items you’ll need for baking almost anything. Are you well-stocked? If not, consider working some items into your grocery budget.
Meredith is so incredibly modest, and takes the time to show some of the reasons why she’s frugal. She shows how you can be frugal, and truly rich.
Gibble has an interesting discussion going on about whether you should discuss your finances with your children. I vote “yes,” but only after a child is old enough to understand the family’s situation–perhaps no earlier than age 13 or 14. Before that age, finances in general should be discussed.
PaidTwice shows us exactly how to budget if you have an irregular income. It makes perfect sense!
I enjoyed Christan PF’s post on how to watch HDTV on your computer for $70. I’ve got to admit–I’ve never seen what an HDTV program looks like.
And finally, a post that while is not directly about personal finances, it could save your life–and that’s much more important than money. Just this week, a family of 10 was killed in a fire here in the Pittsburgh area. Tragic fires are all too common–please read this post, which offers great advice on fireplaces and fire prevention in general.

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4 Responses to “Posts I think you’ll enjoy”

  1. Thanks for the link!! And GLBL’s post is good as well!!

    Christian PF’s last blog post..Teavana gift pack giveaway

  2. Thanks for the links. It is almost like you are reading my mind. I was just thinking about how to stock my pantry.

    1stopmom’s last blog post..Freebies

  3. Hey Kacie,

    Thank you for the link. That was hard post to write because it forced me to face up to some bad decisions. I’m glad I wrote it though. I believe it brought my wife and me a little closer.

    She is an awesome woman!

    Thanks again for linking to my article.


  4. The post at the Wisdom Journal was a really good one. Has some interesting perspectives, and shows a strong family.

    Tim’s last blog post..Real Estate Profits And Losses. Scenario 25: Cats!

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