Mar 26 2008

Covering clear drawers


In my bathroom, I have some clear plastic drawers to store toiletries. In my bedroom closet, I have similar drawers to store my uh…drawers, I guess you could call them.

I don’t like the "clear" look–displaying my stuff for all to see. So, I folded a sheet of computer paper in half and put it on the inside of each drawer.

In the picture, you’ll see the top drawer doesn’t have a sheet. The bottom two do. What a difference!

If you have similar drawers, consider using colored or patterned paper to fit your decor.

Works for me!

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6 Responses to “Covering clear drawers”

  1. That really helps a lot. I love those clear plastic drawers but luckily I have a large closet so they stay in there and no one sees them.

    By using colored paper you can change up the look of your decor in an inexpensive way.

  2. Excellent idea. Those drawer really come in handy don’t they?
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great idea! I love those drawers but I know what you mean about everybody seein’ all your stuff! Eek! :)

  4. Neat idea! I might try that.

  5. Wow: and just like that, you’ve solved a problem in my bathroom! Thanks!

  6. I like that. My roommate had almost the same plastic set…and I admit to looking in it. Not opening the drawers (unless she suggested I get something from it) but staring at it as I brushed my teeth. I’m curious…it’s clear. But I don’t open cabinets or opaque things (I’m not that curious) so it’d be safe there.

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