Mar 24 2008

Coupon Mom vs. Ultimate Cheapskate: Who will win?


Which strategy is better? Cutting coupons and matching them with store sales, or keeping it simple and buying items only if they’re under a dollar per pound?

Two well-known money-saving experts, the Coupon Mom and the Ultimate Cheapskate, squared off on shopping trips on the Today show last week.

They each had $100 to spend at the grocery.

Watch this fun clip to see how they did.

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6 Responses to “Coupon Mom vs. Ultimate Cheapskate: Who will win?”

  1. Very interesting! I suspect that a combination of both strategies would work well for most families.

    Thanks for the head’s up!

    Many Blessings,

  2. My shopping style is more like the Ultimate Cheapskate. I have tried to coupon mom technique but have found it to bit to time consuming. I think that with her style I get more variety, but more freedom with the Cheapskate way.

    It’s good to have a variety of money saving techniques. Ther may come a time in my life when I have more time to dedicate to clipping coupons and the such.

  3. That was cute…I think it would be fun to see the grocery game vs coupon mom….

  4. What a great post Kacie! As a mom of a little Toddler, wife, and a writer, I question how much I am “saving” when I spend a ton of time clipping, filling, and keeping up with coupons. Thanks for the link! Keep up the great work at sense to save!

  5. Interesting clip! For groceries, we’ve always shopped like the Ultimate Cheapskate, but the CVS deals are really converting me to coupons!

  6. I found this video very funny. I am way more of a couponmom kind of girl (only in the last 5 months though). I love pairing up those deals with coupons and getting things for next to nothing.

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