Mar 24 2008

A fixed laptop


The other day, I moved the mini buy-a-new-laptop fund over to the main emergency fund. Why? Because we no longer need a new laptop!

Our laptop had a bunch of crazy problems–spontaneously shutting off, its monitor flashed at us, the finger mouse pad thing sometimes would go haywire, etc. I was convinced this machine was on its last days.

Shane wasn’t ready to give up on it just yet.

He had built a desktop computer for himself before, but laptop parts are much smaller and more delicate, so we weren’t sure how it would go.

He carefully took apart the laptop, discovered several frayed wires and loose connections, and with a bit of electrical tape, patched it up.

It’s working fine now! Hooray!

Just another example of how trying to fix something can save you money. Also, tape is such a handy tool. Thanks, honey, for saving us $500-700+!

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4 Responses to “A fixed laptop”

  1. Wow! i am very impressed by people who can fix computers. Major props to him for being able to do it, as well as to you for having a hubs who can!

  2. My laptop (the only computer I have) was on the fritz for awhile. Everytime I touched my screen, it would go blank and I would have to restart my laptop to make it work again. Sometimes even restarting it wouldn’t get the screen to work. I googled my laptop’s model and the issue I was having and found a handy how-to article. A piece of metal inside the laptop was pinching the wire that made the screen function. My brother and I took the whole thing apart, cut off a sliver of the metal, and it’s been working perfectly ever since. Doing your research and having a person experienced with the nuts and bolts of computers around sure is a money saver!

  3. That’s like finding free money!

  4. That’s great! That sounds like something K would do — he’s always taking things apart to fix them, make them better, or find out how they work. I’d say it says a lot of money.

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