Mar 14 2008

Tidbits and links from the week


Earlier this month, I mentioned that we wouldn’t use our credit cards at all. So far, so good! I said that we’d use them for gasoline, since I was afraid using my debit card would put a big hold on my account (possibly causing it to overdraw!).

A reader suggested I check with my bank to find out the details. Turns out, when I pay at the pump with my debit card, only the actual gas amount is deducted; not some arbitrary $50 hold or whatever, according to the guy at the teller window.

Another thing I want to remind everyone: Stay on top of your rebates/bonuses/etc.! I was expecting a $10 Amazon gift certificate from my credit card company. It hadn’t yet arrived, so I had to call them and ask about it. The woman on the other end of the phone said she would "overnight" it to me. I haven’t received it yet…and I hope it comes already! Stinky credit card companies….

Also, our debit cards are linked to a "points" program. We were due 3,000 points for an account change we made in November. That hadn’t yet arrived, either. I called the people, and it should be in our account within a few days. I want those points so I can get a restaurant gift card!

So, any time you’re expecting some kind of bonus, be sure to keep tabs on it. Most of the time, I think companies will honor it without you having to follow up. But, for everyone else, you’ve gotta make sure they’re holding up their end of the deal.

Here’s some links from around the web I wanted to share:

Sense to Save was featured on Bird on a Wire this week. Thanks so much! And, head over and see what she wrote about me.

Over at Common Sense with Money, we see a little informal study on using a coupon vs. buying generics. It’s interesting!

Money Saving Mom has a post on hospitality on a budget. Be sure to read the comments for ideas, as well.

If you’re interested in more on the topic of hospitality, be sure to check out this series at Handprints on the Wall. Here’s a post on creating a welcoming guest room, creating a basket for out-of-town guests, a toiletry basket (use up those drugstore deals here, folks!). The last post includes tons of links to free samples. You won’t wanna miss it! P.S., I found that site from a link from Hadias.

Finally, here’s some ideas for how to create a household inventory for insurance purposes. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now. I guess I should just get to it!

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3 Responses to “Tidbits and links from the week”

  1. My debit card is the same way, they don’t put a hold, just deduct the amount I spend. it actually takes several days for it to post to my account versus most debit transactions that post immediately (for my bank) so that might be something to stay aware of.

    Good luck!

  2. Great tip about staying on top of rebates. After we moved last year I found a receipt for a tent that we purchased and had never received our rebate from. Ugh- $30 lost because I was disorganized!

  3. Hi Kacie!
    Thank you for the mentioned.
    regarding the rebates I had to do this very thing this week with my rebate at Walgreens.

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