Mar 11 2008

Some fantastic blog posts from the far corners of the Internet


Are your frugal ways hurting us all? is the topic at hand at a recent WiseBread post. It’s interesting to consider that while we can do something to be personally frugal, we could create setbacks for others.

At Working for Rachel, we’ll learn some great library hacks for getting your hands on just about any book imaginable, for free!

Ron at The Wisdom Journal shares 10 mistakes he made as a first-time homebuyer. This is a list I’ll revisit when we’re ready to buy a house on down the road.

I don’t know why there’s so much confusion about the economic stimulus package. Some people are calling it a loan. What on earth? Gibble at Gather Little by Little sets the story straight.

At Frugal for Life, we see incredible pictures of tiny rooms and tiny homes. Can you imagine living in a 100-square foot room? I can’t.

PaidTwice reminds us of the dangers of being too frugal. You don’t wanna deprive yourself! Otherwise, you could give up on your goals of paying off debts and being more frugal. Give yourself some wiggle room!

Thanks to The Bargain Shopper Lady, who discovered a great site for you CVS deal lovers: I heart CVS. You’ll be able to see weekly, monthly, and hidden deals and coupons.

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3 Responses to “Some fantastic blog posts from the far corners of the Internet”

  1. Awesome list!

  2. Hey there Kacie! Thank you so much for linking to my post. I hope you and others can one day find the home of your dreams and that it doesn’t break the bank!

    Thanks again and take care,


  3. Thanks a lot for the link! Glad you enjoyed the post and hope it’s helpful to you.

    The tiny spaces post was fascinating–I wouldn’t want to live in a 10×10 room, either–it was hard enough when I was 14!

    – Elizabeth

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