Mar 10 2008

Spring cleaning: It’s oh so frugal


I can almost taste it. The snow is starting to melt (sorta), the sun is shining, and birds are singing. Spring is almost here! Though it technically arrives on March 20 this year, I’m hoping it won’t be that long before I can pull the plastic and tape off my windows and open them for the first time since October.

To motivate myself to really tackle the annual ‘spring cleaning’ project, I thought I’d list some ways this ritual can help encourage a frugal mindset. Wanna add to the list? Leave an idea in the comments below!

  • We can use more of what we already have. When we clean and organize our homes, we find items we’ve been storing. Some things, like clothes, we might have forgotten about. We can use the things we have, rather than replacing them. Don’t you just love it when you find a great summer shirt you forgot about? One less thing you’ll need to buy for the season.
  • Ultimately, we’ll find things we no longer need. We can sell them on craigslist, eBay, or at a garage sale. Or, we can give those things away. You’ll earn money, do a good thing, AND free up storage space in your home. Win win win all around.
  • Being organized and living in a clean environment does incredible things. We’re more productive, feel better, and are more content.
  • When we’re cleaning, we’re not spending money.

Not long ago, I went through our closets and ended up with a trunkload and a backseat full of stuff to get rid of. I can really see a difference, and it feels great! I’m not done, though. We still have way too much stuff. It’s at least 50 percent likely that we’ll be moving this summer, and the less stuff we have to move, the better!

I need to get our bedroom closet in order once and for all. I’m going to need to get some closet extension things to maximize space. And, I need to get rid of more clothes. If you’re going to tackle a closet, check out this article on Blissfully Domestic for some inspiration.

We have three (and a half?) other closets in our apartment. They also need attention, but I use the bedroom closet the most, so that’s the first priority.

After I get those organized, I’m going to do a deep clean of each room.

For more general ideas on spring cleaning, check out what Amy has to say. Looks like she’s beginning a series on the topic!

What’s on your to-do list in terms of spring cleaning this season?

Photo: I took this pic one spring day in 2005. It was taken in the arboretum at Indiana University in Bloomington.

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8 Responses to “Spring cleaning: It’s oh so frugal”

  1. Oh, you got me excited talking about Spring!

    I’ve got big plans for a garage sale and getting some flower seeds planted and a square foot garden!

  2. I plan on tackling our shed. We have tons of boxes there that I need to sort through. I know there’s one box filled with old college textbooks and novels. I plan on using some to sign up for PaperBackSwap.

    I can’t wait for warmer weather!

  3. I’ve told myself that I’m going to finally unpack the last of those boxes which have been abandoned ever since we moved here. That’s actually a good sign of what you don’t need…but I’ve rooted through them periodically to look for books. So I don’t think I can part with them.

  4. @ Ron–I know it! Gosh, I’ve been thinking about spring since like…the end of October lol. Good luck with your garden!

    @ Mary– That’s a great idea to use your discovered books on Paperbackswap!

    @ Mrs Micah–Lol yup, that probably is a good sign you don’t need the contents anymore. Hope you can find some things to get rid of (if that’s your goal).

  5. I’m weird but I love checking my house to make sure it’s clean and allergen free. I like to give everything (even the exterior of the house) a good wash down to make sure nothing’s moldy or needs to be freshened up.

  6. Thank you so much for the link- I really appreciate it!

    My problem areas are my basement, garage, and anywhere that I can chuck things without anyone knowing. I really want to be organized, but I struggle with it. I thought one hour tasks might be more up my alley than marathon cleaning sessions. Even the one hour is proving to be quite challenging, but I am trying :)

    Thanks so much for including me :)

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