Mar 03 2008

Sharing is caring: Link round-up


I am so thankful that it’s actually somewhat warm out today! The high temperature is expected to reach 60 here in the Burgh. Of course, it’s supposed to cool down again tomorrow, but days like these really make me happy. (Also, happy 53rd birthday, Dad!)

Here’s some links from my feed reader that you might enjoy:

Bob at Christian Personal Finance shares with us a study that reveals ING Direct banking is the safest in terms of protecting against identity theft. Hooray! We’re starting to use our ING account more and more (it might become our main account someday). It’s no surprise why ING is so safe–if you have an account with them, you know all of the login things you have to do. On the flip side, if you bank with HSBC or Bank of America–watch out!

Here’s an interesting post in reaction to a post I wrote about consumer spending. The author’s take: "Typically, the advice given to individuals in a recession is to cut back on discretionary spending and save. Unfortunately, that responsible behavior may be just what makes the recession worse." Hmm. Perhaps, yes. I think most people will cut back on their spending for awhile, but many people will continue to spend as if there’s no tomorrow. It might have a negative effect on the economy for now, but ultimately, the market will correct itself. I’d rather it take a dip now, if that means more people will become more conscious of their spending for the long-term. We can’t keep spending above our means–eventually, it will catch up to us.

J.D. at Get Rich Slowly tells us the key to wealth. Do you have it? You could be wealthy very soon, if you have a certain perspective.

Ron at The Wisdom Journal shares some sales tactics to watch out for. This is a good one to bookmark and come back to for the next time you buy a car or any pricey item.

Finally, my friend Bee passed along this gem: 25 money-saving tips for frugal vegans. These ideas can be applied to anyone who eats–not just vegans or vegetarians.

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  1. Good morning Kacie,

    Thank you so much for the link. I’ll add you to my RSS and blogroll. I like your site!


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