Mar 02 2008

The garage sale that wasn’t



I was so excited to sell a carload of my stuff, but, it wasn’t meant to be.

Shane and I showed up at the community center at 6:15 in the morning (!?). I walked in and asked someone where I could buy a table. The lady looked at me like I was nuts. She told me that the tables were pre-sold awhile back, and that I was out of luck.

Now wait just a minute.

The newsletter that advertised the event said nothing about preregistering. It said to just show up and sell your stuff.

So, I found a guy that looked like he was "in charge" (nobody actually looks authoritative at that hour) and he told me that yes, I was indeed out of luck. He said that in May, they’ll have rummage sales every week and I can try to get on the list then.

For pete’s sake.

I’m not hanging on to a carload full of junk for a few months. No ma’am.

I’m going to take out a few items (camera, graphic calculators, etc.) and try my luck on eBay. The rest is going to a thrift store.

I guess the moral of the story: Call ahead if you ever have to be at a place at 6 a.m.

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5 Responses to “The garage sale that wasn’t”

  1. Try craigslist before ebay. you may save on fees. sorry one handed typing, holding baby.

  2. Doh! That sucks that happened to you.
    You shouldv’e just sat in the parking lot of the community center, opened your car trunk, plopped down a “Garage Sale” sign and just sold the stuff out of the back of your car! It sounds like if it was a community event you would have already had the right crowd coming by you! :D

  3. Sorry about what happened. Don’t you hate when they fail to include details like that??
    I’d also agree about Craigslist.

  4. That’s such a bummer. I bet you weren’t the only one to get turned away. I agree with the Craig’s List idea — not shipping, either.

  5. Lol I like that idea.

    If it wasn’t so cold outside, maybe I coulda done that. Next time, if I get turned away, I’ll have a little trunk sale, I think.

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