Feb 18 2008

Yet another wonderful thing about Comcast’s OnDemand (2 things)


OK, it’s official: I really love Comcast OnDemand.

I am so, so glad that my cable bill is really low (I somehow managed a $23.91 w/tax monthly bill by asking for a low rate and a cheapo package). But even if it was a little higher, it would be worth it.

You see, in addition to the free movies and TV shows in the OnDemand section, we also have free OnDemand movies that come with our (also, amazingly free) HBO and Encore.

We can choose from a pretty broad selection of always-changing films. Some movies have a "preview" option that shows the movie trailer.

And, if we’re watching a movie that isn’t that good after the first, oh, 20 minutes or so, we stop watching it without feeling like we wasted money.

When we had Netflix or rented a movie from a store, it would be a real bummer to rent a movie that turned out being a dud. It would feel like we wasted a trip to the store, a movie from our queue, and money.

With OnDemand, though, we have no problem stopping a bad movie. Why waste an extra hour watching something that stinks?

Second, an OnDemand feature I didn’t realize we had is "Excercise TV." (Go to OnDemand > Sports & Fitness > Excercise TV).

You’ll see an impressive menu of TV excercise programs, as you might guess.

You’ll have workout hosts such as Carmen Electra,  Billy Blanks, and working programs such as The Firm, the Biggest Loser, yoga & pilates, abs, walking, and many more categories.

There are just a few workouts in each category, but they’re regularly updated every few weeks or so (as are most things in OnDemand). For example, in the Billy Blanks folder, there are four workouts right now: 2 CelebrityFit Cardio (21 mins.), Tae Bo Amped Jump (19 mins.), Tae Bo Fat Blaster (15 mins.), and Tae Bo favorites (18 mins.).

You’ll find programs that are 4 minutes, and some that are 25+ minutes.

If you aren’t extremely picky about your TV workout, this could be a great way to try a variety of excercises without acquiring a bunch of tapes or DVDs.

Do you have OnDemand? What are your favorite features?

8 Responses to “Yet another wonderful thing about Comcast’s OnDemand (2 things)”

  1. I love On Demand…I love Kids on Demand for when my daughter is begging me to watch Dora!

    I have tagged you for a meme (but only if you want to participate).

    Details are here: http://stretchingabuck.blogspot.com/2008/02/i-have-been-tagged-by-angie-at-thrifty.html

  2. Bummer we don’t have Comcast available where we are. We haven’t paid for cable for 10 years now but my husband would sure love to watch just a couple shows with a clear picture.
    Do you use Comcast for your internet as well?
    I have enjoyed reading your site the last couple of months and I added you to my blog roll. Thanks for the great deals and information.

  3. Wow, that is a great price. I have Comcast and I pay around $17.00/month and I have nothing. Maybe I will check into it for $7 more a month. I’m glad I found your blog. Ooh,,,I see something other things that I need to read here. I will save your blog. Yipppeeee


  4. Could you look on your bill and see what exactly they are calling the name of your cable package please?

    The last time you wrote about this I had called Comcast they said we already were getting the LOWEST package available and our bill is $53.25 + all taxes brings it to $59.00!!! I can’t believe it would be that much of a price difference from one area to another on the same cable company.

    We do get the ‘On Demand’. I don’t use it much as I have pretty much seen all the movies they offer. I used to use it to watch the online local news. I like the one hour news at 5 pm but would always be either cooking or eating while it was on so I would always miss it.


  5. I do think I am getting a better than average deal.

    I have a hunch that I’m living in a cable-competitive area.

    When I set up my cable, my apartment unit didn’t have cable service for 6+ months.

    Here’s my bill:

    Digital Classic $9.95
    Basic $12.45
    12m Basic $7.99 – $4.46
    Starter equipment pack $3.99
    HBO $17.95
    Ret. 12m HBO Free -$17.95

    Franchise Fee $1.21
    Sales tax $0.29
    Regulatory fee $0.06

    Total: $23.49

    Ask for the digital classic package, if possible. I don’t have the “standard” cable; I have the basic 22-channels pack + the digital classic pack.

    I don’t think these deals are available in all areas, but I wish your provider would offer you something better.

  6. No, our internet isn’t from Comcast, but some people can bundle those services and save money in doing so.

    Thanks for adding me!

  7. I love the exercise programs On Demand. I use Leslie Sansone “Walk Away the Pounds” series. Right now I’m doing the “Booster Mile”. I don’t use the weights though.

    I lost 20 pounds last year and that was all I did, right in the comfort of my home. I love it!

  8. We just got Comcast with On Demand last month and I am loving it too. I use it to watch some network shows that we may have missed earlier in the week and also some “lifestyle” shows like What Not to Wear or Trading Spaces. I have been exercising with my kids to some of the exercise shows, too. I usually just walk on my treadmill by myself, but now exercising is becoming a family event some days. I also love the Parent TV section because it has tips on kid’s health, recipes, behavior, activities, etc. My kids absolutely love the Kids Activity section too-they are learning magic tricks, how to make puppets, etc. We haven’t had to rent a movie since we got Comcast (although we usually borrow movies for free from the library- but now that we have hundreds of movies at home, we are saving time and gas on those extra trips to the library). Comcast has it’s problems but On Demand certainly more than makes up for it.

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