Feb 16 2008

Sharing some links and freebies



You know the Dave Ramsey-coined term, "gazelle intensity"? Well, Gather Little By Little shows how gazelle intensity is scriptural.

Angie has gotten especially gazelle intense lately. Anyway, this post highights some ridiculous government numbers on food spending guidelines. I know you don’t spend that much….right? I think I’ll call that agency and ask what in the world they were thinking when they put together those statistics.

Want to back up your computer for free? MoneySavingMethods has the scoop. I haven’t tried this out yet, but it sounds good!


Get a free $5 Sears gift card when you sign up for their Sears ad alerts. (Sorry, it looks like this deal is over). Don’t like a bunch of e-mails? Then use an account you don’t check daily. (Saw this deal on Free Stuff Times.)

If you like free things without being spammed: Are you a member of Start Sampling? I’ve gotten some pretty cool things from them in the past. Yesterday, I signed up for 22 free issues of Fitness magazine, and 20 issues of Country Home. No strings attached. When you want a freebie, you just click a button. You don’t have to enter your address each time. Oh, and if you’d like to enter me as your referral (I don’t know if I’ll get anything special) my user ID is "sensetosave".

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3 Responses to “Sharing some links and freebies”

  1. What does it mean on Start Sampling when they say ?
    “Please note – you can only receive one sample across our site and our network sites.”

  2. I think it means that you can only get the same sample once. Like, you can get a cereal freebie from startsampling.com, but you can’t go to the cereal’s web site and order an additional sample.

  3. I don’t think the Sears deal is still on. I went to the link but it didn’t show it. I registered, but there was nothing. Too bad–I always hit their winter clearance for turtlenecks and sweatshirts for my son.

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