Feb 16 2008

Free Frostie float at Wendy’s


I don’t know if this deal is available nationwide, but at my Wendy’s, here’s how you can get a free Frostie float.

If you’re already going to Wendy’s (I love their 99-cent menu!), save your receipt. On the back of it, there should be some text prompting you to take a quick survey by phone or online.

I did the online survey, and it took like 3 minutes.

At the end, they’ll e-mail you a code number.

Write the code number on the back of your receipt (you’ll see a line for it) and you can take it to Wendy’s and redeem it for a Frostie float ($1.99 value).

You can get your receipt, call the survey number from the parking lot, and go back in and redeem it in the same trip (I think) if you wanted.

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2 Responses to “Free Frostie float at Wendy’s”

  1. Ooooo, I hope mine has this! Thanks for the heads up! I love Frosty and I love floats!

  2. ha! great tip, I am off to Wendy’s to get my free float! Great site btw, thanks!

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