Feb 15 2008

More Ovaltine, please!


Meredith has a fun little thing going on at her site.

She wants us to post our top five kitchen splurges–you know, things you spend a little extra on.

I can’t think of five. I’m fine with buying generic for most things I buy, and they’re not really splurges. But there is one thing that is expensive, delicious, and a splurge. I don’t want an alternative to it, either:

Ovaltine. It seems I can’t go a day without having a cold glass of rich, chocolatey Ovaltine, lol! It’s just so delicious, and I like that it has added vitamins and things. It costs about $4 usually, ugh. I requested coupons from the company, so that should help some, but it’s definitely a splurge for us.

Visit Meredith and make your own list!


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One Response to “More Ovaltine, please!”

  1. LOL…I haven’t thought about Ovaltine in years! It does sound prety good, actually… Thanks for the link Kacie. :)

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