Feb 12 2008

Postage rates are going up and I don’t care


I just saw this story that says postage rates are going up to .42 on May 12. Whatever.

The increase is less than inflation, so really, it works out.

I don’t send much by way of the USPS these days. I pay all of my bills online. I still like mailing cards and letters from time to time, and a book of stamps lasts for months. Quite a deal, I’d say!

So here’s what I’m thinking:

Around the beginning of May or the next time I need stamps, I’ll buy a book of "forever stamps" at .41 a stamp. If I can’t get my hands on those stamps, it’s no big deal.

How much do you rely on postage stamps? Does this increase affect you?

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10 Responses to “Postage rates are going up and I don’t care”

  1. I just saw this story as well. My issue with the postage stamp increases is that I’m unable to keep a reliable book of stamps around. I still have 39-cent stamp books that are practically useless now, except when combined with 2-cent stamps (and, in May, another 1-cent stamp??) I bought another book of stamps around Christmas , and am working our way through those- but, as you said, we pay most our bills online, so really don’t use a stamp very often at all. The forever-stamp is a really good idea, and will hopefully solve my problems.

    Another solution: I need to write more old-fashioned, snail-mail letters. :)

  2. Can’t really say the rate increase makes much of a difference in my life! I have all sorts of random stamps around my house, and I’m okay with it…right now I have .26, .24, .23, .17, and .02 stamps. When I have a book under 13 oz to mail for paperbackswap, I use these odd amount stamps. I love the challenge of figuring out exactly what combination of stamps will get me to the exact # I need…it’s good for my mental muscles!

  3. It doesn’t impact me much. I’m actually surprised that they’re limiting the increase to a mere penny. UPS and FedEx have had huge increases that went into effect near the end of January.

    I pay most of my bills online — I use my credit card to pay utility bills, cell phone bill, etc. and then pay my credit card online as well. Our mortgage and escrow payment are auto-drafted from our checking account. I mostly use snail mail for sending Christmas cards, birthday cards, and an occassional letter.

  4. This affects me because I enter a lot of sweepstakes through the mail. Why through the mail when there are tons to enter online?? Some are only enterable (is that a word? LOL) through snail mail. Also there are factors that play into the odds of winning when entering through snail mail for those that are enterable online and through snail mail. I’ll have to stock up on the forever stamps.
    Sweepstakes and mailing in Walgreens rebates and other rebates are the only reason why I need stamps.

  5. I noticed this earlier out on CNN when I was checking up on the stimulus package details. Why not one big increase that lasts say 10 years versus a penny here two pennies there?!?

    It doesn’t really affect me since I pay a lot of bills online but there are other things that I mail – cards (birthday, Christmas…), rebates, doctors bills – to name a few. I guess I’ll pick up a pack of Forever stamps before they go up even though I probably only use a couple stamps a year.

  6. I rarely mail anything besides rebates. So yes, it makes a difference, but not much of one.

  7. I have some forever stamps that will probably last me for another three years based on how much mail I (don’t) send. Sometimes I like to send snail mail to my friends for a treat. There’s nothing like opening your mailbox and having a real letter!

    I told one of my friends about forever stamps the other day and she said that she wanted to invest in stamps now! I don’t really think that’s the best place to invest too much money though. ;-)

  8. Lol yeah, investing in stamps isn’t a good idea, since the rate increase is always less than inflation. This means that over time, stamps actually get cheaper.

  9. It doesn’t really affect me because I pay most of my bills online. Luckily, my mortgage company is local and right down the street so I just drop the mortgage payment off before it is due. I do mail an occasional item but the rate increase is no big deal.

  10. Yeah, I don’t mind the increase, I just hate the inconvenience. I’ve still got some 39 cent ones and some 2-cent ones. But it is really frustrating when they keep raising it by 1 or 2 cents every few months.

    We did buy a bunch of forever stamps last time there was an increase, so we’ll just keep using those I guess. They’re just so boring looking. Heh.

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