Feb 12 2008

Get some free things at Old Navy with Ebates (thru Feb. 14)


Using Ebates has saved me some money on online purchases, and thanks to referral links, I’ve earned quite a bit back. Thanks to you lovely readers, I’m now up to $212.66 total. That means that you guys have paid the equivalent of one plane ticket to Florida! Thank you!

If you use Ebates and have a blog, consider putting a referral button on your site so that people can list you as a referral. After people make their first purchase, you’ll get $5 back, and so will they. It can be a great way to add some revenue to your blog.

However, now through Feb. 14 (Thursday!) there’s a double-bonus for new members who have a special signup link. This means that if you register and make a purchase by then, you’ll get $10 in your account.

If you don’t make a purchase, you will not get that $10. You’ve gotta make a purchase before they cut you a check.

As an incentive for those of you who haven’t made an Ebates purchase yet, I’m trying to find some deals that will be free after your rebate check comes (it won’t arrive until the middle of May).

First up: "Freebies" at Old Navy!

1. Please click here to sign up for an Ebates account. Please use my referral e-mail, which is sensetosave@gmail.com.

2. Type Old Navy in the search box on Ebates. Click on Old Navy. You will be redirected to oldnavy.com, and Ebates will know to give you 3 percent cash back on your purchase (not including shipping or tax). Plus, you’ll then get your $10 bonus rebate.

3. Search for products that cost about $5 or less, since shipping is also $5. You’ll get your money back that way in May, if you buy one item.

Here’s some products that I’ve found that you might like:

Women’s athletic socks three-pack. Go to "Shoes & Accessories" tab at the top, then click "Socks & Tights" in the left sidebar to see options.

Want some things for your doggy? How about a chew toy or a squeaky toy? Need a new dog collar? There are some for $6.50, so not quite free after rebate, but close. To find the dog items, click on "Shoes & Accessories" in the top, and then "Old Navy Dog Supply" in the left sidebar.

If you need new flip flops for the summer, you’ll be able to get two pair for $5 (and free after rebate including shipping). Under the "Shoes & Accessories" tab, click "Shoes & Slippers" in the left sidebar. The ones with a little bit of design are $5, but the plain ones are $3.50 each or two for $2.50 each.

There are a shirts, baby clothes, and other items that can be found on the site for $5 or less, as well.

More deals coming up!

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12 Responses to “Get some free things at Old Navy with Ebates (thru Feb. 14)”

  1. I was actually on OldNavy.com last night, very tempted to buy something! I resisted, but now might be a good time to buy if I can basically get a free $10!

  2. Your Ebates referral links don’t seem to be working at the moment–I’ve tried them several times with no luck. :-/

  3. Thanks for trying to use them.

    I just checked all of the ones in this post, and they’re working for me.

    When you click the referral link, you should be sent to a page where you input your e-mail address and set up a password, then you set up the rest of your account on the next page.

    Hope that helps! And, thanks for letting me know.

  4. Hi,

    I went to Ebates yesterday. I have already had an account but have never bought anything through them. I did yesterday though.
    I was wondering when my money going to be on my account at Ebates…It still only showing my pending $5 what I got for signing up…How does this work??

    Thanks ,

  5. -test-
    Trying to figure out how to reply to posts here.

  6. Too late now for the $10 back, but yesterday I signed up for Ebates and purchased an entertainment book at entertainment.com thru the ebates site(emailed Kacie about it bcuz I didnt know how to post here, duh!).

    Anyway, it says $6 back (don’t know when or how I’ll get that…anyone know??), and Ebates shows $10. My total was $17.79 with shipping (books are $15 now, not $25!)
    AND I got a free $25 certificate from restaurant.com!

    If the $6 and $10 both come through, I will have paid $1.79 for the book, still have the coupons in the book to use, and the $25 dinner free!!

    Thanks, Kacie!

  7. Hi there-

    Since you already had an account with them but didn’t buy anything, you might not get the full $10 bonus back. Instead, you’ll probably get the $5 plus however much for your specific purchase.

    Does that make sense?

    You’ll get a check around the middle of May, since they pay quarterly once you’ve hit $5.01 or more in your account.

  8. Hi!

    I just e-mailed you about this, but I’ll answer here, too, in case someone else has the same question.

    All rebates will come through Ebates. You won’t get $6 from Entertainment.com; rather, it will be added into your Ebates account.

    So, you should expect a $16 check from Ebates this May, as they pay quarterly.

  9. Hi,
    I tried this but saw in the fine print that you have to have $5 from % back from purchases to get a check. The bonus money doesn’t count…unless they don’t hold to this policy and I will get my $5.15 back in May…just curious. Also I didn’t get the $10 even though I have never visited this site before. Oh well, live and learn!

  10. I didn’t realize you had to have $5 in percent back purchases to get your first check. Whoops.

    If you bought the Entertainment Book, you’re already set, since that’s a flat $6.

    If you make a large purchase or two, you’ll probably reach this $5 no problem. Last period, I was up to $17ish in cash back rewards.

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