Feb 12 2008

Freebies at Overstock.com via Ebates (Thru Feb. 14)


This is the second post in a series on "freebies" you can get after rebate when you make your first purchase through your Ebates account by Feb. 14. See deals you can get at Old Navy in my post here and to read more about how it works.

At Overstock.com, there are a ton of items you can choose from to get your $10 Ebates rebate. Overstock.com items will earn you an additional 4 percent cash back into your Ebates account. Shipping is $2.95. So, if you select a product that’s $7, you’ll get all of your money back including shipping when you make your first purchase using Ebates by Feb. 14. 

If this is your first purchase from Ebates, you’ll get your money back (or close to it) via a rebate check that will arrive in the middle of May. If this is not your first purchase on Ebates, then you will not get the $10 bonus, since you would have already received your purchase bonus.

Here are a bunch of home items, including curtains, shower heads, and rugs. Check out this link to see some examples.

Important: If you see something you like, copy the catalog number down. Then, log in to your Ebates account, type in "Overstock.com" in the search box, click on the Overstock link, and let Ebates take you to the Overstock.com site. Then, paste in the catalog number into the search box on Overstock to find the item again.

If you aren’t careful, you could accidentally order the item from a non-Ebates referred page. That could mean you wouldn’t get your rebate! Eeep. So be careful which page you use.

Here are some items I liked:

A color-changing stress ball for $4.99 (sounds fun!) catalog # 10821804

A window shade for your car for $4.99 catalog # 10763977

A 20×30 inch woven rug for $6.99 catalog # 11130696

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2 Responses to “Freebies at Overstock.com via Ebates (Thru Feb. 14)”

  1. Thanks Kacie. I linked to this for my readers so they could get a good deal. I ordered a book for my daughter through ebates for only $8.xx including shipping. It will go in her Easter Basket.

    Thanks for everything,

    Angie Hopkins

  2. Neat…I have to come back later and go over this again though…these things confuse me! lol!! I appreciate you sharing these deals!

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