Feb 08 2008

Retail therapy for a bad day? Consider this


A new study has found that people who are sad are likely to have impaired judgment when it comes to making purchases, and they spend more money than they normally would.

From the story:

Study participants who watched a sadness-inducing video clip offered to pay nearly four times as much money to buy a water bottle than a group that watched an emotionally neutral clip.

Either the sad video clip made them really, really thirsty, or the study is on to something.

Also from the story:

"It’s not necessarily that you go to the mall and go on a shopping spree," said Charlesworth, author of a book on stress management. "It’s often more subtle — you spend a bit more on something than you normally would. But if you magnify that over the course of a year, or a lifetime, those little things add up."

Interesting. What do you think?

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5 Responses to “Retail therapy for a bad day? Consider this”

  1. Doesn’t surprise me at all! I would guess that sad people often make purchases in order to cheer themselves up or to satisfy an empty place from deep within.

    How often do we turn to chocolate after a fight with our husbands or buy a new pair of shoes after we realize that all those fall outs with hubby have made our jeans too tight? lol

  2. this sadness / rush-to-buy relationship makes no sense to me. It’s a real head scratcher.

  3. I dunno – I think being emotional can inhibit caution with the wallet. Isn’t that why car salesman try to get you all hyper and excited and frenzied — then get you to sign the papers?
    I know that when I’m sad I tend to just say “screw it I’ll buy the Doritos even though they’re not on sale this week…”

  4. the sadness uhm as long as you can convert your sadness to more positive things. like shop much thing to get those thing to things i thinks thats is no problemo

  5. I have to agree with it. It’s a cycle. You feel sad, buy something and feel happy for a while but then you’re sad again because you’ve spent money you don’t have. The same with over eating. To appease the guilt you buy or eat more. I’ve caught myself feeling this way but had watched a friend of mine spiral out of spending control so knew to look for happiness elsewhere. You have a beautiful blog btw. Love the content and it’s pleasing to the eye.

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