Feb 05 2008

In this Superbowl, everyone’s a winner!


This week, Team Finance and Team Frugal are squaring off in a different kind of Superbowl: The kind where everyone wins! Hooray!

Being Frugal and Paid Twice were the "coaches" of the Festival of Frugality and the Carnival of Personal Finance, respectively. Paid Twice must have won the coin toss, as she went first.

I went to the line for Team Frugal, myself. Lynnae had me pegged as a wide-receiver for my (husband’s) post on top ingredients you can make yourself.

Here’s some highlights of some of my favorite plays from the week.

Kris at Cheap Healthy Good has compiled a mouth-watering list of (cheap & healthy!) foods to serve at a Superbowl party. This list could be used for any party. Mmm, now I’m hungry.

Cash Money Life tells us about the importance of delayed gratification. This is oh-so-important when you are trying to live a frugal lifestyle. How else will you be able to appreciate the fruits of your labor?

At Debt Reduction Formula, we hear about what it could be like if we didn’t buy anything new for a year. Imagine–we’d majorly cut our spending, AND we’d do a little something for the environment. I don’t know if I could pull it off, but it’s worth trying to use what you have or getting things second-hand if you can.

Be sure to check out both carnivals!


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3 Responses to “In this Superbowl, everyone’s a winner!”

  1. Thanks for including my post, Kacie! Buying nothing new for a year would be hard. I figure there would be some things you’d HAVE to buy new: socks, underwear, etc.

    But you could make a list of the exceptions and still stick to the overall rule. (I’ve tried and don’t think I can get my wife fully on-board. Although we will be trying to buy more things second-hand, particularly furniture.)

  2. Thanks for the mention! :)

  3. Thanks for the link, Kacie. Yeah, Lynnae and PT did great jobs this week. These festivals are getting MASSIVE.

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