Feb 05 2008

A dress for a wedding


I just received my wedding dress–er, shall I say, the dress I will wear at a wedding I’m attending in May.

I originally hoped to spend no more than $30 on it. Why, oh why, did I set the bar so high? Was I afraid to fail? Maybe so.

Anyway, I found a summery dress on Target.com that will work just fine. I should be able to wear it throughout the summer, I think.

I first logged on to my Ebates account, which earned me 4 percent cash back (yay, $0.85), lol. I clicked on the "Target" button on Ebates, and was redirected to the Target site.

The dress I chose was on clearance for $11.19. I found a shirt for my husband (I forgot to budget for him…I thought he had something suitable but he didn’t) and added that to my online cart.

With shipping, both items still cost less than $30. More like $27.15.

We’ve now paid for our flight ($398), our share of a vacation rental home ($327), an Entertainment Book ($25), our outfits ($27), and about $30 toward a wedding gift (I’m hoping to put another $30-35 for the rest of the gift on an Amazon gift certificate I might be receiving). Total spent (and paid for) $807.

What’s left to pay for: Food to eat there ($150), parking at the airport ($40), transportation to and from the airport ($100), $50 for fun, and incidental (?). Total left: $340 (I know we can do it for less than that).

I’ve now racked up a whopping $172 in Ebates money, from things I’ve purchased and referrals (Thank you, thank you, thank you!). I’ll get that check in May, and put that toward the trip costs.

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9 Responses to “A dress for a wedding”

  1. So you have to park at the airport and pay for transportation there? Or is it so far away from your house that the gas to get there will be $50 each way?

  2. or maybe the airport transportation is in Florida, which would make more sense. I guess I need to think a little more before I post. :-)

  3. Great deal on the dress! It’s especially awesome that you had room in your budget for the unexpected expense of your husband’s shirt. I wonder what I’d wear to a wedding…it’d probably involve making a leg-shaving or not shaving decision.

  4. Great deal!

  5. @ Julie–yeah, parking at the airport in Pittsburgh, then ground transport in Florida. Lol

    @ Mrs. Micah–lol! I figure since I’ll be at the beach and swimming, I guess I can fit shaving my legs into the equation. tee hee

  6. Well Kacie congratulations, I thought you were nuts at $30. Shows you what us guys know.

  7. Now that’s some frugal shopping! Great job Kacie :)

  8. Love the dress! Good job on all the savings!

  9. I will have a look at Ebates. I only just started setting up Paypal though I have had an account with it for years. Not sure about the online shopping thing. I like to see what I’m buying before I have bought and paid for it.

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