Feb 04 2008

I <3 a tax refund


This weekend, I filed our taxes. Good times all around.

It took about two or three hours, which isn’t terrible, I think. It would have been faster if I had a better Internet connection.

I started out using H&R Block’s online service. I entered five of our W2s, tried to hit "save" but somehow, everything was magically gone. After several attempts to recover that info, I gave up and started over with Turbo Tax.

Thankfully, that went well.

We’re expecting about $900 back on our federal return, and about $217 back from three states. As long as I filed everything correctly, we should have that money in our bank account by the end of the month.

In all, I paid Turbo Tax $90 for using the online tax stuff. I paid $11 for federal and about $24 for each state, plus sales tax.

I could have gotten all of the forms from all of the states and tried to do it myself, but I think it would have been way too complicated. Turbo Tax had me fill out forms I had no idea I needed to complete and send in. Without a tax guiding service like that, I know I would have messed up somewhere along the way. Plus, it would have taken me much longer than a few hours.

With e-file, it caught that the IRS didn’t recognize my last name (it had changed in 2007). So, I was able to correct the forms and submit it again the next day.

I’ll gladly spend $90 if it makess I’m more likely to file my taxes correctly and submit all appropriate information. I’d rather not mess up, get audited, and have my refund delayed.

Let’s hope I did everything correctly, and our refund arrives soon! Hopefully next year, we won’t get a big refund. I’d rather not overpay on taxes all year, if I can help it.

Have you filed your taxes yet? How did it go?

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9 Responses to “I <3 a tax refund”

  1. In the past week I have filed our taxes, and also the taxes for a co-worker of my sisters and her boyfriend’s. I will be doing my sister and her husband as soon as they get all the paperwork from their mortgage. I use TaxAct.com which is 100% for EVERYONE filing Federal. They do charge for State filings, but I don’t use that service. I go straight to the IL Dept of Revenue site and do FREE efile and get the refund within 4 days.

    I filed our state taxes on Saturday the 26th and we had our deposit on the 31st. I filed our federal on Jan 30th and we should have our refund by early April. We have to wait longer for ours because we have to file an Injured Spouse form. I have a student loan that is lost somewhere in “loan space” so in order for us to get our full refund since DH is not responible for my student loans and he is our only income we file an injured spouse along with our taxes. This form takes an additional 6-8 weeks to process, so we are looking at early April for our refund.

    TaxAct.com if 100% free and very very easy to use. I have been using it since ’01 and even do my sisters and her husbands and they are homeowners.

    We are getting a nice refund this year which will be used to buy a new computer amongst paying some bills.

  2. Thanks for the tips on Turbo Tax. I have dial up so I’m apprehensive. Still, I was among those fleeced by Jackson Hewett last year so I really want to do my own this year.

  3. I actually haven’t filed yet because I’m still missing two primary W-2 forms. Gr! I’ve been looking out for them for a couple of weeks now, and am getting anxious. I’m glad you posted this, I always felt guilty for not using software or putting pen to paper and doing my own returns by hand, but I’m pretty sure I pay our accountant about the same amount to wade through my multiple W-2s, 1099s, and sort out the HOH/dependent issue each year. He does give me a discount, so that’s probably why it’s cheaper.

  4. Your taxes sound like mine! Between my various employment and my husband’s in 2007, we have eight W2s to file. A mess to say the least. I too use TurboTax and have for the past three years. I wouldn’t do it any other way. It makes it so much easier!

  5. I’m definitely going to use TurboTax at least for the federal one. Then probably for some of the state ones. I think I can fill out PA on my own and probably DE. But MD will be more complicated.

  6. Don’t forget that you can claim tax preperation fees as a deduction on next years taxes if you itemize deductions! Also for military families, militaryonesource.com has a link to free H&R Block Tax Cut Online (normally $19.99)!

  7. I agree, it was money well spent for peace of mind!

  8. I finished mine tonight too. I am also a turbo tax girl. I like the piece of mind I get from all of the questions they ask. The forms are so easy to use.

  9. I haven’t filed yet (planning to today!), but I’m going to use TurboTax to do it. I, like you, am willing to spend a little extra to get it done right.

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