Jan 31 2008

Recent Google reader round-up


It’s been ages since I’ve posted a round-up of great things that have come through my reader.

Here’s a few that I’d like to spotlight:

  • Lynnae has a fabulous post of 75 frugal hacks for your home. You’ll find tips for saving on electricity, water, cleaning & maintenance,  cable,  decorating, and more.
  • I recently discovered the Free Stuff Times, a blog devoted to highlighting freebies and great deals. Today, you can learn how to get free samples of ReVive skin cream, for example.
  • Ivy has a great post for those of us who would like to get started sewing. She shares basic tools and photos that will help you get started.
  • At the Digerati Life, we learn 12 great ideas for affording big-ticket purchases. With a little planning, you can get those pricer items while keeping within your budget.
  • While you can certainly use your money from the pending economic stimulus package or a tax refund, Mrs. Micah reminds us that, hey, wait a sec, don’t spend your money before you actually have it.
  • SAHMmy Says highlights a mentality from generations past: "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!" In this post, she shares a few ideas for using things up.


Jan 30 2008

An inspiring walk through a furniture store


My new friend, her little baby and I wandered through a furniture store after lunch today. She told me she likes to look how they put things together, and gets ideas from them.

I hadn’t really spent time in a store like that before, but it was fun! We saw some interesting designs and outrageously high price tags.

But that’s beside the point.

When you visit stores that take dinette sets, beds, and sofas and arrange them as they would be in a room in your house, you can get some wonderful inspiration– and recreate looks for a fraction of the price.

For example, we saw a large, clear glass vase with a potted plant in it. The roots were completely exposed. Easy-peasy to recreate! How many large, clear vases do they have at Goodwill? Oh, a ton. For less than a dollar. Get a plant (real or fake), pop it in, and there ya go.

Or, try a centerpiece I saw: It had a funky warped-style bowl, set inside a larger dish. In the smaller dish, there were seeds and beans surrounding an artichoke. Seeds and beans, people. It looked pretty neat, and you could pull 20 or 30 cents worth out of your pantry and set them in interesting thrift shop or garage sale bowls. As for the artichoke, if you don’t want to use a real one, you could get a fake one for probably less than a dollar at a craft store. Or, set something else in the middle. Repeat the same thing x3 and group it together for an interesting effect.

We saw a chandelier hung over a bed. Not quite what you’d expect, but it looked neat. Behind the bed, high on the wall hung a drapey fabric. You could keep your eye out for sales and grab a single-wide curtain, throw a dowel rod through it, and hang it over the bed.

There were many ideas you could try, whether you want to recreate a look or use it as inspiration for something totally different.

Especially if you’re like me (and not easily able to come up with design ideas on your own) this could be a fun way to dream up frugal ways to design your home.

What inspires you for your home decor? Maybe a store, a web site, TV show, catalog?


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