Jan 29 2008

Nighttime water rates


I don’t directly pay a water bill (it’s included with my rent) but I’m wondering: How many of you have different rates on your water bill throughout the day?

To put it another way, is it cheaper for you to use water at night than during the day? How much do you save?

In some regions of the country, you’ll find that if you run your dishwasher/shower/washing machine at night, you’ll get a better rate on your water bill. Others, it won’t have a financial impact.

Pay a water bill but don’t know if different hours are charged differently? Call your company, find out, and let us know!

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4 Responses to “Nighttime water rates”

  1. We have a well, so I am not sure about using water at different times, but I know that running electricity after 7pm saves us a bundle.
    I do all the laundry and run the dishwasher at night when the rates drop. It is a great way to save!

    Take Care


  2. I had never heard of that before. Very interesting and something I’ll definitely have to look into. You’re so full of great ideas, Kacie! Thanks for sharing!

  3. No, we have set rates for water, electric, and natural gas, doesn’t matter when we use, just how much we use.

    And we pay a flat rate for 10,000 gallons as well. So our bill is the same for 4,000 gallons as it is for 9,000 gallons. But get over 10,000 and it gets pricey quickly!

    There are also stepped up tiers for electric and natural gas. So for the first 300 kwh, it’s $.14 per kwh. For the next 80 kwh, it’s $.30 per kwh, and so on. Same for therms of natural gas.

  4. Yes, we run our dishwasher/washing machine/dryer at night to conserve energy, drop the price tag. Thankfully, I’m a night owl! LOL


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