Jan 27 2008

Menu for the weeks of Jan 28.- Feb. 8


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve decided to try planning my menu two weeks at a time. I’ve done all the grocery shopping for the next two weeks, except for perishable items such as milk and fruits and veggies for next week. So far, this strategy might save me time and money. Woo hoo! The only drawback—I have to spend a larger amount of money at the grocery upfront.

I spent $28.51 at Aldi, and $26.43 at Giant Eagle, for a total of $54.94. Next week, I’ll buy a gallon of milk ($3.61) and probably $7 or so worth of produce. If we’re able to do that, then we’d be spending about $65 for those two weeks, or about $32.50 on average per week. It’s less than my goal of keeping it under $35 for the week, so I’m happy.

I won’t go to Aldi for my produce stock-up; I’ll go to Giant Eagle which is much closer to me. I’ll save time and gasoline.

This week:


Crispy chicken salad (frozen chicken tenders on top of a bed of fresh spinach and romaine lettuce, topped with chopped carrots, celery, green pepper, hard-boiled egg, dressing)


Whole wheat spaghetti (this is new for us) and meat sauce, side salad


Tacos—ground beef and seasoned with taco seasoning, on top of tortilla. Served with lettuce, onion, green pepper, salsa, cheese.


Breakfast for dinner (maybe an omlette or pancakes) or leftovers


Frozen fare—perhaps some baked ziti from awhile back.

Next week:


Chicken noodle soup


Steamed fish, vegetables


Shepherd’s pie (new recipe for us. I haven’t had this often—just once in Foods class in high school!)


Leftovers or hot dogs and macaroni and cheese


Grilled cheese sandwiches, leftover chicken noodle soup frozen from Monday

Head over to Orgjunkie for more menus!

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3 Responses to “Menu for the weeks of Jan 28.- Feb. 8”

  1. Kacie,

    I switched to whole wheat pasta about 2 months ago. It tends to have a very noticable texture to it. I try to cook it about a minute or two longer than the package states, I’ve found that the texture is less noticable that way.

    I love it, by the way. It’s a great alternative to regular pasta.

  2. Great Menu, thanks for sharing :)

    My Menu Plan

  3. I’ve been eating whole wheat pasta for a while and really enjoy it. I’ve been cutting out a lot of flour from my diet and 100% whole wheat pasta has no flour in it! I hope you and your DH enjoy it.

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