Jan 24 2008

When being too frugal can turn deadly


This woman was trying to save money on her heat bill. It cost her her life.

According to the story by the Associated Press, the 61-year-old slept in hats and several layers. Her furnace wasn’t on, and neither were her space heaters.

The windows were iced over on the inside, and the water in her toilet bowl was frozen.

I don’t know how cold it must have gotten in her house, but that sounds quite frigid.

She could have used heat if she wanted to, according to the story.

The temperatures have really dropped around the country–let’s remember her story and stay warm.

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8 Responses to “When being too frugal can turn deadly”

  1. Oh this is sad… I hadn’t seen this… unfortunately there are many seniors like her out there :-(

  2. That’s really sad. For seniors and babies it’s harder for them to keep warm anyway. So in the nursery the heat is turned way up, but we still sometimes get cold babies who’ve been left in bassinets too close to the windows. It’s cute in a sad and easily fixable way.

  3. That is really sad. My boyfriend’s grandparents are just like this. Luckily they live in California so despite being cold they can avoid the problems that come with freezing to death. Still, it gets really cold in the winter and it’s probably not great for their health to not have the heat on ever. They just wear lots of layers. During the day, they go sit in their car since it’s warmer in there (with the engine off, of course). It’s an interesting lifestyle choice. If they lived in the midwest, i’d be worried for their well being!

  4. I had seen this in the Indy Star a couple days ago. Too frugal indeed!

  5. Oh, that is such a sad story!

    Yes, I think in some cases, you can be just too frugal.

  6. Very sad indeed. What’s even sadder is she may have been frugal out of absolute necessity, probably having very little income and having to choose between food vs. heat. Who knows….

  7. Hmm are you trying to tell me to turn on my heater. :-) Just kidding. That is a very sad story. :-(

  8. Very sad. I wonder what decisions she was having to make.

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