Jan 24 2008

How I’ve racked up 1,285 points in less than 2 weeks


After I wrote this post, some of you were wondering how I’ve put together so many points on MyPoints.

I first saw an ad for the site in my Entertainment Book.

There was a special sign up link and coupon code for 750 bonus points. If you already have a MyPoints account, I don’t think you can use this offer to get the points. However, if you buy an Entertainment Book through that site, you’ll get 750 points credited to your account.

I got points for filling out my complete profile (60).

I’ve clicked through one-question “surveys” that appear on the site from time to time. Those have earned 5-10 points a piece.

I click on the points for all of the “bonus e-mails,” which have amounted to about 5-10 points per day.

You can only refer 5 friends per calendar month–and I’ve e-mailed five people. I don’t think any of them have signed up, though. I’ll get 100 points if they sign up and get 125 points or more.

I downloaded and installed the MyPoints toolbar, which will get me 100 points plus additional points each month if I use it.

I’ve signed up for several sites, such as

  • Weather.com Desktop (25)
  • Publisher’s Clearinghouse (100)
  • Eversave (50)
  • Vente (50)
  • Sherman’s Travel (25)
  • Booking Buddy (50)
  • Direct Buy (50)

There are more than that, as well. I have about 250 points that I should get for a purchase through Shutterfly. That’s the only thing I’ve used MyPoints to buy something from, so far. Photos from my honeymoon–about time I got those prints!
Even if you never intend to buy something online through the links on the site, it looks like you can still rack up enough points to get a gift card.

And, if you do buy things using the site’s links, you’ll rack up points fast.

If you’re concerned about spam (I haven’t noticed any from this yet), create an e-mail address solely for signing up for offers and things like that.

What are some offers I’ve missed on this list? What types of giftcards do you get through MyPoints? Do you use them to give as gifts? Use in place of cash in your budget? Splurge on something?

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3 Responses to “How I’ve racked up 1,285 points in less than 2 weeks”

  1. Cool, congrats!

    I’ve never bought anything through their portal and still I’ve earned about 5000 points over the past few months. I could earn even more if I tried harder lol.

  2. I love MyPoints and have been a member for about 4 years. I usually get the Bath & Body Works gift cards. A great way to rack up points (and all the ways you listed are great!) is to sign up for surveys through Consumer Input at MyPoints. I just checked MyPoints to see if they’re still offering this promo, but I don’t see it anywhere. Anyway, I get 100 MyPoints for every completed survey they send me….if I don’t qualify for the complete survey, I still get 10 MyPoints for attempting. Those points make up the majority of my points with them :)

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