Jan 23 2008

Discounts on tax prep software


I don’t know about you, but I’m actually excited about doing my taxes this year.

For one, this will be the first year my husband and I will be able to file as a married couple. Yay, marriage!

Second, we’re anticipating a refund. Yippee!

Normally, I know you shouldn’t want to get a refund–because that means, the government is getting an interest-free loan on your money. This year, with so many jobs held between us, we just couldn’t adjust our W2s to make that happen.

After all, for the first half of 2007, we were broke college students barely earning any money. For the second half, we did much better.

We’ve decided to prepare our taxes ourselves. In the past, we’ve been able to do it with paper and pencil, but for our sanity’s sake, we’re going to use a software program this year.

Here’s some deals I’ve been able to find. If you have more suggestions, please let me know!

IRS Free File

As their site states, “If your adjusted gross income was $54,000 or less in 2007, you can use Free File to prepare and e-file your taxes online.” Visit Free File at this link or visit IRS.gov

Turbo Tax 

  • If you bank with National City, you can get Turbo Tax for 20 percent off. Visit www.nationalcity.com/turbotax
  • Through First National Bank of Omaha, you can save 15 percent off Turbo Tax.
  • Get a 25 percent-off discount through Fidelity. You don’t have to be a member with them to get the discount.
  • If you do business with State Farm, you can get the Turbo Tax software for free!
  • If you’re looking to get a few points at My Points, Turbo Tax is offering 4 points back per dollar you spend.

H&R Block

  • Login to your Ebates account (Still don’t have one? Gosh! What are you waiting for? You can get $10 bonus in rebates now through Feb. 14. Please use me as your referral <3). Search for H&R Block. You’ll get an instant 15 percent off H&R tax software prices, PLUS you’ll get a 12 percent rebate via Ebates. Federal + State + efile should be $33.63 after rebates if I did my math right. (Even more if it’s your first purchase through Ebates).
  • My Points is offering 5 points back for every dollar you spend on H&R Block Tax Cut.

Tax Act 

A site called Tax Act is offering pretty good deals on their tax prep software. It’s looking to be cheaper than the other services. I’ve never heard of them. Have you? Are they reputable?


Staples is offering a bunch of free-after-rebate software with your purchase of tax prep software. Access Staples.com through your Ebates account to get an additional 2 percent cash back on your purchase.

How do you plan to file your taxes this year? With a pen & paper? One of the software programs? Do you have a tax person prepare them for you? 
Thanks to Google and Slickdeals for helping me find these discounts.

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9 Responses to “Discounts on tax prep software”

  1. I would definitely recommend Tax Act. You can complete the taxes online and I think you only pay a fee if you e-file. I have used Tax Act for my personal return as well as others’ returns I have completed (I’m an accountant!).

    I did buy Turbo Tax last year, as my husband started his own business and it had a business return option. I found it to be equally as easy to follow as Tax Act.

  2. I have used TaxAct since 2002 and love it. It is easy to use and new this year it is FREE to everyone. I have done my own taxes and used the service to do taxes for friends and family. Very easy to use and nice customer support.

    I also have used Turbo Tax to check to see the difference and TaxAct always comes out with a higher refund.

    Good luck!

  3. I am an auditor (big business not tax)/accountant. I’ve used taxactonline.com for two years in a row now. It is FREE and great. We previously used Tax Cut but it is not free. Good luck!

    P.S. Most states have a free online filing system as well. You should check your state’s treasure web page.

  4. Thanks for the info! I like using tax software like Turbo Tax, because of their claim that they help you find refunds you might not see otherwise. But we have State Farm car + renters insurance! Hooray!!!!!

  5. Oh, if I had read the comments before commenting…Tax Act might be just as good or better than Turbo Tax!? Good to know!

  6. I’ve used the Free File for the past few years. I’ve always done them myself — why not exercise the other side of my brain every now and then? I think this year I’m going to have to plunk down the money for a program, though, whether it’s online or loaded onto my computer. I have taxes to file in two states and have freelancing and investment income that make it way more complicated. But I look forward to the challenge, and I usually get a refund, which I like simply for what feels like free money. I know people say it’s an “interest free loan,” but I’d rather not pay every spring, and I try to invest the refund. This year I may end up paying, though, because of the freelancing income, which didn’t have any taxes taken out of it.

  7. We use Turbo Tax but I’ve noticed that all the online tax services can be purchased with a substantial cash back payment from http://www.savingswatch.com. It’s sorta like Ebates.com although the percentages are clearly higher at Savingswatch.com. They also have a lot more valuable coupon content.

  8. Thanks for the tip on Ebates. I just signed up for it. (And I used your e-mail as the one who referred me, so hopefully you’ll get some money for it!) :)

  9. Thank you!

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