Jan 22 2008

I’m in the market for… a tankini!


As I type this, it’s cold out and there’s a thin layer of snow. And I’m thinking about swimsuits.

I do need a new swimsuit this year. Yes, need, not want.

I plan to go swimming this summer, and my current bikinis will no longer work for me.

I realized the other day that I’m just exposed to too much sunshine in them, ya know?

So…I’m looking for tankinis. I still want a two-piece suit because I think that would fit me the best.

Obviously, the best time to buy swimwear is as summer is winding down and swimsuits are on clearance.

I won’t be able to wait for that this year.

Does anyone have ideas for when it might be a good time to buy? I need to have it by mid-May.

Also, I’m hoping to spend no more than $20 for it. Ideas on stores that I should try?

A swimsuit is just one of those things that you have to buy new, ya know?

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7 Responses to “I’m in the market for… a tankini!”

  1. Old Navy or Target usually have some fabulous styles on the cheap and better yet, they have tons of sales and markdowns. This usually doesn’t happen until spring though!

    Good Luck on your search

  2. Actually, winter can be the BEST time to buy a suit. I bought a really pretty one-piece halter suit from J-Crew right before spring break two years ago for $15. Shop around in the sale tabs of upscale clothing companies: including some that market to a “mature” clientele like Lands End and L.L. Bean. You can find awesome deals, particularly if you pair them with coupon codes. Also, the Bargain Shopper Lady has been featuring swimsuit deals from Victoria’s (though I think they mostly apply to bikinis).

  3. Good ideas! I’m going to be watching the sales from now until I end up buying it.

  4. What about Land’s End? Good quality stuff that the company guarantees. Buy a variety of sizes/styles and return what doesn’t fit to Sear’s.

  5. Sears carries the Lands End brand. I can’t buy a swimsuit without trying it on first, so they are a good (and inexpensive) option for me.

    I think Lands End carries the best tankinis, because they offer every possible type of top and bottom combo for lots of different body types. You sort of make your own swimsuit, choosing a separate top and bottom for your body needs.

  6. I hate spending lots of money on a swimsuit, but Lands End has such good quality swimsuits that they last 3-5 summers without wearing out, and they stay where they’re supposed to on my body. The ones I get at Target are really cute but pretty much junk by the second summer. Go to the Lands End website and click on the overstocks tab. They won’t be as low at $20 but they usually have some for $30-$50 there.

  7. I’ve purchased 2 expensive ($85+) bathing suits on Ebay for less than $30. I go bathing suit “shopping” at high end stores because I have found that higher priced bathing suits last much longer than your standard Target brand (I do love target, though). I find the brand,style and size that works best and shop around Ebay until I find the right one. I only buy NWT, seeing that these are bathing suits we’re talking about.

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