Jan 21 2008

How to get a $16 rebate on an Entertainment Book (Some are free!)


I know I’ve been waxing on and on about the Entertainment Book lately, but now there’s an even better deal on how you can get one for a great price. (You could earn $1, or pay $4, $9, $14, or $19 depending on your area).

Some Entertainment Books (these are coupon books, with discounts on restaurants, attractions, auto services, shops, travel, etc.) for some cities are $15, while some are as much as $35 including shipping. Check this list to see how much it would cost for your city.

I have two books: One for Pittsburgh, and one for Fort Myers, Fla., where we’re going in May for a wedding (well, the Florida one is in the mail on its way). The coupons in those books really seem to be worthwhile. When you’re done, close the window so you don’t inadvertently order from this page.
Before buying, you can look at available coupons within the book, and browse the printable coupons online. That way, you can tell for sure if this coupon book would be a worthwhile purchase.

Here’s how to get a $16 rebate on your purchase of an Entertainment Book (and support me and this site):

  1. Go to Ebates.com. I’d love it if you registered using my referral link! The money I get from Ebates referrals will help pay for my Florida trip. During this promo special, I’ll get $10 for each of you that uses me as a referral and makes a purchase by Feb. 14. If you’d like to enter my e-mail in the "who referred you" box, it’s sensetosave AT gmail.com
  2. Create your account. It’s easy, and you aren’t signed up for spam when joining.
  3. Once you have your Ebates account, search for "Entertainment Book" on the Ebates site.
  4. The one you want to click is for Entertainment.com, and it will give a $6 cash back reward. Click that link. You’ll automatically be taken to the Entertainment Book site.
  5. Order your Entertainment Book. You won’t have to do anything else. You’ll get a $10 reward rebate if you sign up for an account from now until Feb. 14 AND make a purchase.
  6. You’ll get the $6 Ent. Book reward on top of that, for a total of $16 back. You’ll get your check probably in May (they send out rebate checks quarterly).
  7. Use your Ebates account when you make other online purchases to get additional cash back.

For some areas, this means you’ll make money on the deal. For example, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, places in California, Pittsburgh, and many other areas cost $15 including shipping. You’ll get your money back, plus $1 on the deal. AND you’ll save money using those coupons. What a deal!

If you’re going to New York City, an Entertainment Book costs $20 out of pocket. With that $16 rebate, that’s $4 net. Not bad. (Hint hint, SA and BH! :)

So, check it out. With these low prices, you won’t have to spend much net. And, these coupons could help you save a ton, whether you use them at home or on vacation.

EDIT: It’s understood that you’ll get that $10 bonus Ebates amount only once, right? Also, I don’t know how many times you can use the $6 Ent. Book code and get credit for it.

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11 Responses to “How to get a $16 rebate on an Entertainment Book (Some are free!)”

  1. Thanks for the tip! The Oregon book is only $15, so I’m going to do it. I wish I could use your eBates link, but I already have an account. :(

  2. Thanks Kacie! I signed up and used your link. Erie doesn’t have a book but I bought a Long Island one for my mom as a gift. It was only $15. :o)

  3. Kacie, Do I have to put your email in the blank when I sign up? Or is just clicking on your link good enough?

  4. My husband just signed up and bought one for his mom as well!

  5. Thanks, everyone! I think the link ought to be enough, but if you’d like to enter my e-mail, it’s sensetosave [@] gmail.com.

    Hope your books save you a ton! I’m keeping a tally of how much mine are saving me this year. We’ll see how it goes.

  6. Thanks for finding and posting this deal!! I did buy the ATL book with your link – I figured since I’m making $1, even if I only use a few coupons it will be worth it. And our parents live there so they might be able to use some of the coupons, too.

  7. Thank you so much, everyone, for listing me as your referral!

    I hope that you will save a lot of money with your Ebates account over time. If you’ve purchased an Entertainment Book, I hope you find significant value in that purchase.

    Those of you who have used me as a referral and bought something–you’ve earned me $80 so far! My entire Ebates account has $97–and I’ll be putting that toward my vacation budget.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. I just made my first purchase, so I hope your referral earnings go up a bit more :)

    Thank you for sharing this BTW! I bought an Entertainment Book for Niagara Falls area, which is where I’ll be going on my honeymoon :-D And I got it for only $8!

  9. Thanks for this. Hope your referral links worked. Enjoy Florida.

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