Jan 21 2008

Free appetizer at TGIFriday’s


If you join their “e-club,” you’ll get a printable coupon for a free appetizer at TGIFriday’s. Go to tgifridays.com to sign up. The link is on the right side of the page.

If you’re planning on going there anyway, or have a giftcard, it might be worthwhile!

I’m looking at giftcard options for my debit card points program, and if I get a TGIFriday’s gift card, you can bet I’ll be getting an appetizer as well!

Does anyone know of any other “free” appetizers at restaurants?

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4 Responses to “Free appetizer at TGIFriday’s”

  1. Thanks. I didn’t know about the TGIFriday’s deal. I have some posted on my website. The post is called “Save Resturaunt Meals”. I know one of the things on the list is a free appetizer for Lone Star Steakhouse.

  2. Erie just got a new restaurant in November called O’Charley’s. It is like TGI Friday’s and Applebee’s. They have great food. I am not sure if there is one in Pittsburgh. When you sign up for their e-club you get a coupon for a free appetizer. We used several e-mails to get multiple coupons! Then a month or so later, they will send you a very quick survey to fill out and you will get a coupon for a free dessert.

  3. I’ve been to O’Charley’s back in Indiana. They’re pretty good! I love their fresh rolls…mmm. And desserts. That’s great that you can get a free dessert with them!

  4. Thanks for the tip : )

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