Jan 16 2008



A few days ago, when I gave you a little update on my trip to Florida expenses, I told you that I bought an “Entertainment Book” for the Fort Myers area.

It cost $25 including shipping, but with all of the coupons inside, we hope that it will save us a lot of money on restaurants, attractions, and more.

I clicked through Ebates to make that purchase, earning me a $11 rebate (you can get $11 too, if you’re buying an Entertainment Book as your first purchase). That brought my total to $14, and then two of you listed me as your Ebates referral…giving me $10 more dollars.

Thank you so much!

My Entertainment Book now will cost $4 after all of those rebates.

Thank you, Boogiemum, and thank you, Rachel (do you have a blog I can link to?).

We’re looking at renting a condo for our trip, and if we do that, we’ll be even more under my projected budget.

Thanks, everyone, for all of your fantastic travel tips.

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  1. I received an email today stating that the entertainment book is 10 dollars off. I know that doesn’t help as you’ve purchased it, but for others who are considering doing so, but don’t have the ebates referrals.


  2. Thanks, Kimberly!

    Yes, I already got the $10 off discount. They’re applying it to all orders.

    And, I wanted to mention, if you have never set up or used an Ebates account before, you WILL get a $11 rebate. (You get a $5 bonus for signing up). So, even without referring anyone, you’ll get that $11 back.

  3. Millionaire Mommy has some great tips on saving money while traveling. She has a link to renting vacation condos. I had never thought about renting out someone’s vacation home when they weren’t using it for vacation. I have not looked into it, but you might and might also see if someone you know (maybe through the church) has one you can rent from too. It might even be cheaper.

  4. Thanks for the tip, Paula! I’ll check it out.

    We haven’t made a final decision on a condo or a rental house, but so far it’s looking to be much cheaper than staying in an average hotel in that area.

  5. Thank you! I also got a great deal thanks to you…

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