Jan 09 2008

Selling on eBay


Debbie J. had a question for me:

I just sold my first item on Ebay and wondered if you have any hints for being successful at it! Thanks! 

I’m no expert on eBaying, so I’ll write a few of my own ideas down, and then link with some resources that might be helpful to you. Also, readers, if you have anything to share, please do!

When I buy an item on eBay, I look for a few things:

  • Detailed photos, and from different perspectives if possible
  • A detailed written description, including condition of the item, all dimensions, the types of material it’s made out of, if the item comes with an owners manual…basically everything I’d want to know about the item before bidding
  • Clear information on shipping, and a fair price, too. I don’t bid on small items that charge outrageous prices for shipping, for example.
  • Positive feedback. If the seller has some bad feedback, I’m probably going to bid elsewhere.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I’m trying to get rid of some stuff. The biggest eBay hurdle for me? Getting motivated enough to actually list the item.

Head over to Get Rich Slowly to see a fantastic article on how to maximize your eBay listing (and profits).

If you’re really new to eBay, check out their comprehensive guide.

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11 Responses to “Selling on eBay”

  1. A couple years ago, I got rid of a lot of things by selling them on ebay. A couple things I’d recommend… use priority mail through the USPS. The boxes are free and can be ordered online. Shipping can be done online. And the online shipping has free delivery confirmation. Just make sure you invest in a postal scale (or a kitchen scale like I used). Another recommendation, set up some sort of tracking to see what you are really making for each item. I tracked all the fees and costs associated with each item. Some things did really well. Some things were better off going to goodwill. Ebay is a great way to get things out of the house while making a few extra dollars. It can add up fast!

  2. Not to tout my own horn, but I have a few selling tips as well:


  3. Hi kacie.
    ebay can be a bit of a pain sometimes but if you have the time are really work at it…money can be made.

    the biggest thing really is just getting a good source of items to sell really. if you can do that your half way to it.

    if you get a second please send me an email to the address i supplied above would you?

    the money report

  4. Hi Kacie,
    I’ve only sold a few things on ebay. Have you considered Craigslist? It’s just a bunch of forums where people sell stuff, but it’s free. I’ve sold many large items that would be expensive to ship via ebay on there.


  5. What perfect timing. I am looking to sell some stuff on Ebay. I came across this post which has some great tips!


  6. I did sale my own handmade jewellery on e bay as I don’t have anything unwanted :), it is allright but the profit is not that big ,nevertheless I admit e bay is a great place to make few buck .

  7. I think “key” is a detailed sharp image to go with any item!
    Craigslist is ok, but travel and lack of communication is sometimes an issue.

  8. These are great tips, thanks!

  9. Somehow Ebay is not popular in my country. Anyway, great site u got there.

  10. I have been selling on ebay sine 2001. I agree with Jessica about shipping via USPS Priority. Its the easiest, and most cost effective for the seller. Also I have a huge excel spreadsheet keeping track of my sales.

    Also I agree with her idea of taking some items to salvation army versus selling on ebay. If you are selling an item for $1-$2, after all the fees you are paying and the time of listing it might be better to donate the items and take the tax writeoff.

    Some other tips for ebay:
    – find a nitche or set of items you can specialize in
    – combine trips to the post office, so say you ship every mon and thurs regardless of when your item sells. just make sure you note that in your listing.
    – get a feel for how much you can get for your item by looking at other auctions to see what others are bidding on the same item

  11. Thanks Kacie for your help! I’ve got 4 more items which end Sunday night! I am in great anticipation to see how they do. I am going to check out the site you recommended.

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