Jan 07 2008

The stuff must go!


I have too much stuff. Stuff in closets, under beds, on shelves, and just stuff sitting out that I have no need for, and I’ll probably never need in the future.

We have a large apartment, but for pete’s sake! It’s getting to be a little much.

Happily, I’m going to get rid of it! Maybe I’ll make a few bucks while I’m at it.

I’m going to list as much as I can on eBay and hope to sell as much as possible.

If I still have a lot of stuff to get rid of, there’s a community garage sale on the first weekend of March. I can take a table’s worth there.

Whatever is leftover from eBay and the rummage sale, it’s going straight to Goodwill.

I mean it. By the first weekend of March. Or else.

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15 Responses to “The stuff must go!”

  1. Grrl! I must have been channeling you today because I just spent some hours clearing out my garage!

    I too, have too much stuff! And from what I’ve been reading and observing it is surely clogging my mind and my energy.

    I still have work to do…but I put a good dent in it! AND, I feel better, somewhat accomplished, and on my way to better things.

    Thank GAWD, the weather today in Cleveland is about 60 degrees and SUNNY. THAT helped my spirit!

    Adrienne Zurub

  2. I’m with ya! I gave myself until the end of the year though.

  3. What a great blog! I’ve been selling lots of stuff on ebay lately. Every red cent I make is going straight to my credit card debt. It’s actually pretty exciting, and am thinkign about stepping up my efforts!
    keep up the great work!

  4. use craigslist… you live in a decently large city, pittsburgh so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting buyers and you won’t lost all the money you earn through eBay’s final value fees and paypal fees.

    I pretty much quit doing eBay after I figured out just how much I was losing to paypal and eBay. Its just too expensive.

  5. You had a great day for cleaning! The weather was amazing here too.

    I think you’re right about clutter affecting your energy levels. That’s certainly the case with me.

  6. I thought about craigslist, but to be honest I’m kind of scared of meeting creepos from it. Maybe I should give it another look though. Thanks for coming by!

  7. It’s a good job for new year at least you have more space and look so nice…Based on Feng Shui is Good money will coming

  8. Hehe you sound like me! I’ve been doing the same thing. I use Craigslist for anything that would be expensive or awkward to ship. I use ebay for little things, to protect my anonymity. What I can’t sell I am giving to Goodwill. I was thinking about doing giveaways on my blog, which I’d love to do, but I don’t want to lose money on shipping. So I’ll just donate it to Goodwill instead.

  9. Good for you! I brought a lot of stuff home from our trip to the mainland, and K is a little worried about storing it here. I may have to do a purge myself. It seems like that’s what life is like after you move out of your parents’ house for good — downsizing becomes at least an annual activity.

  10. I recently had to downsize from a 2-bedroom townhome to one room and sharing a kitchen. The really scary thing was that after I got rid of 75-80% of my “stuff”, I found I didn’t miss it at all. Yes, I’ll need some furniture again when I get my own apartment, but I will never have closets, cabinets and shelves stuffed with stuff I didn’t use or because they were so stuffed–I didn’t even know what I owned.

  11. Yeah, decluttering is on my list of things to do too for 2008…. it’s a common “problem” I see many of us have…

    Best of luck… and if you can make extra $$, it’ll be awesome!

  12. I just sold my first item on Ebay and wondered if you have any hints for being successful at it! Thanks!

  13. your absolutely right about craigslist.

    I always think about it a little before I go to sell something, but then again I always go to a public meeting place, like inside a mall or once in a walmart parking lot. I suppose it would be different with a large object, I’ve only sold two cellphones an an MP3 player, all of which are pretty pocketable things, so I’m sure it would be different if you were selling a cabinet or something bigger.

    But good luck, I love your blog! My Fiancee and I have started reading up on the drugstore ads since discovering your site. I was quite hacked to learn that I had $11.80 in CVS bucks that went to waste at the end of the year that I didn’t even know about. I had previously thought that the CVS card was simply a tracking program that enabled them to sell some stuff at a deeper discount (I signed up when they were offering a 2 for 1 on AA batteries a few months ago).

    take care


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